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Mage Is [SenT] | Now in GuildWars2


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Looking for neat checkpoint Lists to decide quickly? I guess another guild might fit you better!


we are 'Mage is [senT]', a GuildWars Speedrun Guild.Orginially found in early 2012 we established ourself as one of the top Endgame Guilds in the game.The height of our success was the world speedclear record in the Fissure Of Woe gwscr.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1648

Anyway. Since playing the same game until 5 years after the release of its successor without any content updates and so on will eventually get boring we decided to move onto GuildWars 2 with the Announcement of Path of Fire.

So if you would like to join a small guild of talented players on their way of exploring and mastering the game then you've come to the right place.

We value motivation and drive more than experience.Our goal is to field a roster of 15-20 people and to enjoy late game content.We would once again like to push to boundaries of speed and reach or surpass the times current elite guilds put to display.Especially the rumors that the "Fissure of Woe" might be the next Raid got us excited!

We don't require you to represent the Guild. Give it a couple months and you will want to show nothing but the [senT] tag.

Join us for some fun battling the foes of Tyria and to enjoy quality talks in Discord!Also make sure you are human in order to join us, thank you!

~Nika(Contact me Ingame "Nika.8573")

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I'm a returning player with alot of raiding experience mostly in World of Warcraft and some in GW2 wings 1&2. Due to my busy IRL schedule I don't have that much time to game but the time I do have I want to dedicate it to a great guild/community in which I can grow and who can help me get back in the game. I have a condi soulbeast fully geared and gearing a weaver. Willing to respec and regear if needed, also willing to train any other of my characters to support the guild.

Message me in game if possible

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