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Which Legendary to Craft for Profit?


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Wondering if I can please get some advice on crafting and selling legendary weapons. I have most of the materials I need to craft and sell my 3rd legendary. Both times in the past I made The Predator and it sells quite quickly in my experience. I had a look on GW2Efficiency and The Predator give a 511g profit, but actually The Mistral gives a 614g profit, a whole 100g more!!

I have a few concerns however with just crafting the Minstrel

  1. Being the most profit other people might be a poular crafting choice meaning others will put their orders on top of mine in the TP making a slow sale
  2. The Minstrel is a focus, which is not a popular weapon
  3. On GW2Spidy the demand for the Minstrel is half that of the Predator

So basically I am afraid that even though I can get more gold from selling the Minstrel that I wont actually sell it and that I should go for more popular weapons like The Bifrost, Frostfang, and The Predator which gives less profit, but sells easier.

Any thoughts?

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The Legendaries typically sold within a few days to a week for me many years ago. One of them did take longer but I wasn’t in a rush. I stuck to the popular ones back when that have around 1K profit.

Keep in mind that it’s generally not worth it anymore from a time-cost perspective if you’re starting from scratch. But then it doesn’t sound like that’s the case for you.

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It changes all the time, and depends how much you want to sell it for. You can put it up for a pretty high price but it might not sell for weeks or months, or you could put it up for a more reasonable price and have it sell in a couple days. Just never sell it instantly, and dont take it down once you have posted it since you will lose the listing fee.

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The longest to sell for me was 6 months for kudzu. I seem to always have 10 to 20 people post just after I see a good price point and make then try to sell :). If you wait it will sell unless you set a really unrealistic price point. I don't stress over mats so I am not buying many from the TP so my costs are low. I usually get at least 1500 in profit but like I said it can be several months before you see that, want less profit set your sale point closer to the market direct sell.As to which go to gw2efficiency and see which is the flavour of the month. It may surprise you.

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