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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:

@Jayden Reese.9542 said:You need to re select everything once you enter wvw. I assume it's so you can run one build in pve and a different one in wvw w/o having to respec everytime

its a poor mans build templates, lets call it what it is lol.

Its still better than respeccing everytime.

Arcdps buildtemplates are so good, everybody with legendaries or multiple sets of gear should try it out.

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@RedShark.9548 said:Its still better than respeccing everytime.

If you are running a different profession, most likely runes, sigills, weapons, armor, trinkets or their stats (leg) will change. The 9-12 clicks for the traits are usually the least problem.A lot of my friends make characters only for one content, so they don't need to change.

ArcDPS Buildtemplate helps, though. ^^

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