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Feature request: mouseover profession/elite spec display


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Hi there

With the increasing number of profession and elite spec symbols it would be very helpful to be able to read what those symbols mean when you have a player targeted.I assume it should be a very simple task to add a little mouseover display for at least the targeted-player-ui.

Thanks for your time and have a good day.

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When HoT released and I began seeing all of these new profession icons, I was rather surprised to discover that hovering on the profession icon after selecting the person provided no information on what profession it was. I gave up on memorizing the HoT profession icons, let alone even looking at those released in PoF.

Relating to profession identification - as there are many outfits and armor skins being released that blur the line of light/medium/heavy armor, making appearance no longer reliable on telling what profession someone is, and with elite specializations adding new weapon types to professions that they previously could not equip, I cannot even go by what weapon types one is wielding to tell their profession. I suppose I could wait and see the graphical effects made if they cast a skill to help with identifying them, but I'm not familiar with many elite specialization skills/effects, so that is also not of much use to me. A textual popup tooltip upon hovering over the icon should have been added from the start. --- Even the PvP icon has a tooltip praising one's achievement in competitive combat, I'm not sure why all profession icons do not at least say the profession/elite spec name.

Instead of entirely different icons, as if they were completely different professions from the core+revenant professions, I personally feel that elite specialization icons should have been horizontally/vertically/diagonally split images of the base profession icon with a specialization graphic, or with the elite specialization as and inset graphic in the corner over the core profession icon. ( / ) (---)( o)

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