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Celestial Chest Armor (Light)


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So having a hard time finding a way to get a celestial light armor chest piece, I know about the bladed boxes in VB and I have all the pieces I can buy with airship parts, but the vendors don't sell the chest piece.

Is there any other way to get an exotic celestial chest armor other than completing the VB meta at T4? I've been trying for 2 weeks and unfortunately this meta just doesn't get played enough and never has the player count to achieve T4. I'm having a lot of trouble finding any other way to get a celestial chest piece :P.

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@Voltekka.2375 said:Wvw or pvp reward tracks. All stats selectable. Legacy or triumphant tracks in particular, as those armors can be salvaged (and you get your rune back).

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:WvW Reward Tracks (or PvP Reward Tracks) rewards are probably the least expensive, and quite easy to acquire.


Easiest and most flexible.

Each track would take you 6-10 hours depending on your activity and your boosters.

The second track you should do is the Warclaw one...

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