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hypothetically speaking, lets say Revenant is getting a 2hander Melee weapon, which would you prefer


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hypothetically speaking, lets say Revenant is getting a 2hander Melee weapon, which would you prefer of these three

A) GreatswordB ) GreataxeC) Polearms

Each has its pros and cons. Greatsword being an already established weapon in the game with great skins already in the known.

Where as Greataxe is a brand new concept with few NPCs having it or toys. So this would be new territory in terms of what skins will look like.

Polearms is an old concept from the original GW2 design, some assets are in the game, but like Greataxe its not an established weapon like Greatsword and all the other weapons in the game, so there arent as many known skins as we know what we are getting with Greatsword. But it does have more skins than Greataxe because of this.

Now if you had to pick between these three which would you pick?

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@Knighthonor.4061 said:

@Justine.6351 said:Scepter and Focus.

thats not a 2 hander weapon

Great axe and pole arm are not 2 hander weapons either, I know cause I checked wiki.


You are right,Next elite spec weapon for ALL classes should be Pitchfork.


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I'm throwing my hat in a floating greatsword that becomes a 600-900 range weapon, and partially building around the idea of it being the first ranged Cleave. Made to be Kiting weapon, Rev GS's Auto attack has the weapon projected out to the target (facing angle based on a LOS of the Rev to the target), and then cleaving normally from that position. 3 notable skills would be- One that causes the sword traveling forward to slice a fissure into the ground, leaving behind a lingering field in its wake. Another which would teleport both the weapon and the Rev above a ground targeted location, and plunging the sword into the ground to create a cascading circular AOE damage wave. And a skill that teleports the Rev to be adjacent to the target the sword is attacking.

This was intended to go hand in hand with a new Weapon focused Espec, which allowed a Rev's inactive weapon set to dictate the F2 and F3 skills, and float just behind the Rev's shoulders to telegraph it. Mace would inflict Confusion and Blind, Axe would inflict Bleeding and Vulnerability, MH Sword Life Steals, OH Sword blocks the next incoming attack and ripostes for damage, Hammer F2 Inflicts weakness gains realiation, Hammer F3 deals a Blowback that flings the target in the direction of the Rev, GS F2 reflects the next 3 incoming projectiles, GS F3 Knock the target back a short distance, Staff F2 blinds the target and heals allies around it, Staff F3 protects the area around the target, blocks the next attack that strikes an ally, and grants aegis to allies in the area.

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