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Strike missions little things to add.


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Since I haven’t seen it up yet. When joining the public strike missions.

Please let there be a ready check added. I joined a group literally waited for Everyone then all a sudden someone gets too close and boom fight starts when I’m not ready. Things like that = bad habbit for new players specially trying to introduce them into raids. If I could and if I was commander, I would’ve made each and everyone to /gg and restart the fight. If everyone kept starting the fight while ignoring the ready check it would’ve been /kick. You should not teach new players to run in and ignore a ready check. Yes the fight is easy and you pop in, however it’s just raid etiquette to wait for everyone.

  1. Let strike missions have its own achievement tab. I know it’s part of the epilogue story, however it would be more simple to keep strike missions as another tab. Why? It would make the players who try to fully finish the strike mission achievements without wasting their time on trying to find the strike mission achievements. All you have to do is join the strike mission, click on the strike mission achievements, repeat the strike missions until you finished all the achievements.

  2. make mechanics have to be teamwork. This new specific strike mission was just dodging. And that’s great however in “trying to get new players to step foot into raids” they need to know the concept that people have roles in the fight. Let these players know by having couple players take on that role. If these players fail the mechanic since it’s “step foot into raids” just have the mechanic take like a third to half health off their life rather then instant death. Or something close. But raids are about team work, doing the mechanics and killing boss. If new players don’t know that your required to do mechanics going into an actual raid will be mind blowing compared to how easy this mission was.

All in all, strike missions are a cool thing and I truly hope Arenanet has a hard setting for the raiders to go in and have some fun too.

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