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[Suggestion] If ANet plans to do more e-specs

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IF ANet plans on doing more e-specs I personally hope they would creat a small mini story and/or achievement for them. Much like the small side stories for some ascended weapons (minus the crafting part perhaps).This is something i really felt lacking in the previous e-specs. I know the PoF ones had npcs that told you certain things about the roles but i feel theres much more to be built around achieving e-specs.One thing i did like about the current e-specs is that I could start playing them in the new content right away. So i guess that quest or whatever youd call it would have to be fairly short.

edit: I spend 90% of my time in wvw and I know theres a bunch of people who dont wanna do some pve stuff in order to get anew skills and stuff. this is purely my own take on it :bleep_bloop:

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