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A Metal Legion Tour and Tee Shirt giveaway Idea

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so, after streaming the METAL LEGIONs face melting 3-song concert, I began to think, and that can be dangerous.The "flyer" stated the Legion would be going "on tour" around certain places in Tyria. and when i read that, and after watching the hundreds of players mosh, bounce, scream and shout, and absolutely love this concert....there needs to be 3 things happening. soon.

  1. the Metal Legion absolutely needs to go on tour. with dates posted for everyone to see. this could even bring more people to upcoming festivals and events like Mad Kings Day, etc.
  2. there should be, and i am sinfully serious about this, a Metal Legion CD or Mp3 package to download, especially for Charr Main players. on that note, could we see an EP albumn in the future?
  3. ArenaNet... a Metal Legion Tee IRL would be amazing as a giveaway, for something, like say.... Extra Life?these ideas came to me while in the pit, trying to "love someone"
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