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I just saw the trailer proudly telling me an amazing count of 11 million players play guild wars 2!This is amazing and makes me very happy, but I haven't seen many crowds of toons where the crowds use to chill. 11 Million players... that's the population of an actual small country. This is beautiful, I just wish to see all 11 players playing the same megaserver as I play.

~~ Now here's my story:~~

When I first opened gw2 I didn't know what to do, because the dev team worked on a way Tyria would be an open world where we all can play with each other in soloable way.Humans are funny creatures and sometimes not so very funny. This causes regulations to be a necessity in language in restrictions to acts of vulgarity.When I was monk in GW1 I never liked having to take the blame but in GW2 I proudly take the blame for dying as a whole team in a PvE raid being an dummy as druid.It's because the way PvE raid mechanics work is because you need to rely on your team members, and everyone needs to know what to do.Of Course Raids and New content is an endgame we know of, really underrated by alot of players who favor WvW and PvP over PvE (that doesn't require skill cough, cough)I just wish there shouldn't be an 'endgame', and honestly lately, there aren't many guilds taking members to prepare and train them for PvE raids because they retired.

After four/five years of playing I've experienced that this game is getting more privatized in the way people are scared of eachother or feel like they don't need more friends.Guilds once fire and life ending sometimes falling apart or solely exist of veterans having all the legs and collections they wanted.This to me is a paradox. Because when I start my day and do my dailies PvP, I want to win.But when 've won, I'm out of clue what to do next and have to get myself to a level where a game feels like work you have to do on your own.So I don't necessarily have to win, because then it would be time to do fractals T4 as a druid-pleb myself.And when you finished your character to be prettiest or most fiersom hero with a legendary bifrost, runes, infusions and gear.What's the point playing after that? Keep helping newbies? Being tired being the only guild able to chain meta-events in HoT, Bounties in PoF?

...In General

GW2 is designed to play alongside members of our community solo or in party mode and even zergmode.Frankly, I unfortunately notice a lot of new players that don't have any friends ingame or don't have the ambition of a GW1 veteran and play for a little while and leave because playing with strangers is sometimes difficult because some vet's have their cliques and push other players away that want to show their style, and their wish on how to be accepted having fond memories playing a game with friends you made ingame.Sometimes I get why people are scared when they look at all my shinies I've work hard for (not always passionately), New players are often rejected by other players because they need more gold for having too much impatience, are too young or too old and cynical. Humans stay humans that way, And a game has to feel like fun and not like work.A little more guidance to need each other a bit more, stranger or friend would allow us to gain more trust in each other and more topics to discuss in 'mapchat'.

An MMORPG is actually a pretty scary thing. I've lived amongst the internet for a long while seeing communities grow and die thanks to P2P, Regulations and the vulgarity in where people can lose themselves and maybe hurt someone else in a bad way. In unworthy acts I've been ranting relentlessly in how disappointed I am in the real world as it is, but my problems aside...

I've always been some kind of a loner, irl but never ingame. Nowadays I don't say much since l'm getting tired of memelords, political debates or 'having an opinion' you could be proud of, but can be interpreted in a wrong way let alone being assumed incorrectly. we have clients like discord and teamspeak allowing us about mechanics like when to stack and when to relax.

But Discord can be scary thing for an old gen like me that loves to express myself in words I type the way I see myself without the insecurity someone is trying to imagine me the way I look in real life or sound. I usually say my mic broke because in that way I don't have to worry about my guy-ish voice being a genderfluid something somebody.

Personal references

The internet is like a metaphor of the real world, where people can say whatever is on their mind (and allowed by regulations) but sometimes in cruel ways. This was inevitable because there is a way to harm someone mentally because people, stay people, some stay sheep, some want to proof the example. The example is always proven with surprise.And people need to learn that Interpretation is unique for everyone, but people always assumed I as female and felt comfortable with me that way.When they learned I was a guy, or I learned I was flirting with one, People take distance from each other. We need more distraction visually, mechanically so we won't worry about standing still and having to think and having to assume who we're dealing with.

Blocking a person that is freaking out for a moment is sometimes in a metaphorical way feeling like murder. Now I do realize that bots/ gold sellers need to be gone for good.But I always give any player a chance to show some love, I don't work like "last chances" no matter how a person feels.I am this way, because my patience doesn't matter how I get my shinies. But I'm patient enough to see someone grow or in a way they feel comfortable enough to open up in guild chat instead of whispering me.

Animosity was a brilliant gift to everyone when they first attempted to open the internet, Facebook and social media ruined it and proven us that "money" is what the internet is for?NO. the internet was intentionally invented to be a free way to share knowledge and information. But times change, but my morality doesn't.

My own guid 'Yumi' has a low reputation of people joining and leaving because I'm not online, and when I am it's all about me, I don't want to run a guild that is afraid of eachother but me.I also despise guilds that require you to rep. Maybe instead of a tag next to your player name, just a info panel that shows the players info and what guilds they run with some form of privacy. My guild rule is simple, care for each other and don't play alone.

I've started my journey playing Guild Wars 2 leaving behind my other games starting solo.I'm a shy guy when it comes to intimacy and I wish for a more understandable way to make friends.The way I grew up aside the internet gave me friends that come and go, and sometimes the tears of the people that let go of me in times I struggled mentally.

You could say this game is called Guild Wars because it IS a competition how to get members.Guild Leaders often get paranoid that something exists like 'member-stealing', Although I feel open minded enough to disobey the mechanics of maintaining five guilds but having alliances where we all can say something to a bigger crowd, hoping to make friends that way, or more natural way to ask for help instead of delving into Wiki wich some players go over their heads.Sometimes I still don't know a thing about something and people start flaming that I shouldn't be asking when everything is printed out for me on Wiki/Dulfy/Metabattle, and because of this, I'm sure the dev-team is aware that we lose topics to discuss other than how mesmer beats a scourge.

Sure, having up to five guilds, mechanically works fluent if you need to change from guildhall to farm nodes,or enjoy the decorations other guilds that are then part of you as well,But my lonely guild sometimes requires help from other guilds to complete weekly guild missions because I'm tired recruiting people who lose their care or never talk and leave.People can get angry at me because I ask another guild for help to kill Poodaboo under 3 minutes left, because they see that owning a guild is taking care of it the way it improves gameplay for all your members. And there are different kinds of guilds with different ways of existing. Being to big and having to proof yourself from a number to a person, or being to tired proving whatever matters to any guild.

In (a most possible) short:

When Guild Wars 2 just released, Arenanet told us they worked on a way to quest soloable and this took a lot of mechanic away that only worked positively.You've proven your point Arenanet, and I won't doubt you always will keep surprising us with new content. But why let the vannilla stay old?A map shouldn't really care about having to achieve something by running an errant or killing a boss. Living world means to me a game that stays a concept forever growing to become a better one. Not from drawing to 3D modeling, but from the game's Ambience to a work of growing in detail which creates the mood of the game. That is what sounds like "Living World" to me.

Guild Wars 1 was teambased, eventually drowned in hero henchies you could buy for a penny and enjoy a masquerade of necros killing everything possible.Now, in Queensdale GW2 where many Veterans chill and help newbies it's still too difficult for some to make friends they intend to make while playing a social game.

You've shown us how the dev team learns from this unique way of playing a game like maps that are chains of events, or really polished well like our new favored map Dragonfall.The meta is really excellent in dragonfall. Why can't be the same kind of implementation of Meta events work chained by our day and night system in a way we won't ever dwell in the same map for too long. My respect to your work on Dragonfall, I beg you to realise the core game the same way. Maps died like Istan, Bloodstone Fen and alot of maps in vanillaTease us with things that seemed unimaginable to us like you've always shown your worth as Arenanet. I just don't know if this is a democracy with six false gods or an Aristocracy with six biased gods. What I mean to say is, please update older maps in a way we won't be bored or not able to do a meta because there is noone to play with.

Maps should be dangerous enough and creatively inviting the player to explore the game in a visual aspect where textures don't clip in transparency or are 120x120 pixels for a rock thats thrice the size. To me, this is laziness of a concept formed to the fasted and most lightweight way of continuing a project that needs to stay around 50gb and involves every voice that wants to be heard by a community that is able to. (I've asked several times, and will ask again) Is there a way we can enjoy other maps that died and are forgotten?

My suggestions

Achieving together

Revamp how the achievement points work. I like to work on a legendary weapon while I get my collections done not only for myself but also for my friends.(future) obtainable achievement points would be fun if shared just by clicking on some sort of invite button or party options like how loot is divided in squads.This would be easier for my sister that doesn't play games intensively, for us to play the game together, and ofcourse there shouldn't be an AFK-to-win mode.So for some achievements participation is required in every unique way. Totaly other kind of getting achievement points together would be a collection you can share with your guildies (maybe rankwise?)

Invent event's that aren't necessarily timed like world bosses are, but just randomly put by a game-moderator just because the scaling is only slowing down the way challenge is brought to us. If you make more event's where grenth decides zombies should be more understood creating an army of them walking hungrily from the cursed shores all the way to Divinities Reach (if nothings happens that is.) And when You've created enough random unique events causing the whole world to show a little participation to save our dangerous Tyria, you can time them in Weekends like Guild Wars 1 events now celebrate their automized bonuses. (For the record, I don't care about the bonus, I care about the romance of the game, in the game)

Guilds and Halls

To be honest I'm done trying to spam my logans trying to lure people evily into my small lonely home I call my guild with pride.People want to be rewarded for doing something ingame by the game itself but also given a form of rewardment doing non-meta events.I've tried Fashion Contests which were unfortunately only doable in the guildhall because it would cause too much confusion in (for example) Lions Arch.

The Guildhall is usually only used by people with high ranks and barely visited by players due mechanical reasons or because they don't care.I'm allowing GH-Housing where I'd love to see my members create their own home in my Lost Precipice, but people are scared and I know why.People steal other people's decorations or simply remove them just because it's possible. It causes drama and trust is easily won by me because I'm here for quite a while already.More personalization to decorations you can your own simply by having your guildeader to "borrow" decorations so people can live and roleplay in a guildhall with things you can call your own.

I've tried Guild Hall Arena Tournaments, where everyone can pay whatever they want with a prize that doesn't to be a holy grail.Or Guild Races now we have racetracks. I imagine myself I'd need a lot of officers on checkpoints to see if players race in a fair way,How about an event master-NPC that we can gently modify to race laps in our guildhalls with decorations like racetrack parts. (maybe with a collision map of the players choice?)Or how about letting the player decide to hit the bubbles required to finish a lap. and can those NPC's that drain my gold into their upgrades through the treasury walk away if they aren't necessary anymore? Could you make NPC's near the Guild Arena that counts Deaths/wins/ team wins/ kills/ ways to win/ways to play?Or maybe Mailbox that works for guilds that likes to have events like lotteries being enabled in a fair way where you can let GW2 choose the winner and the prize is send mechanically that way, or simply to vote for any change in a guild.

Home instance, in a living world, with lifely NPC's

(Is there anybody available with a full home instance I can loot?)Loot is great, always been, always will be. But I thought a Home Instance was originally meant to be some kind of personalization just like we love to decorate our guildhalls.I like to see more effects brought by choices you've made in vanilla, pof, and HoT and upcoming expansions because in H panel, time matters because the story is chronologically written in a timeline. Would there be trees and grass turning to branded crystals because someone failed to tag up for Dragonfall?Make consequences more diresome that affect your home instance to grow like an audience cheering for you. (A bit like how Fable: The Lost Chapters works being Renown)Where people do have an opinion seeing you as a hero that just defeated Zhaitan and show us their gratitude, all of these NPC's can implemented in not just an instance but everywhere, thus more offline animations.

NPC's and how to liven up the world

Could any tyrian NPC be a little less lazy and get that filthy wooden-whatever-it-was out of the water in Kessex Hills and built something pretty? I think the blood-witch would be alot more at ease that way.

I've followed many npc's in different maps to see what they have to say and yes, I know my poor sylvarian in the Silverwastes, but Mordremoth is no more, so the mother tree in the grove is safe! he's so unaware, that sylvarian.... shame....

I love following npc's and love all the things they say, but I heard them to many times so I turned my sound off because I get it, it's a Stingray.Some kids following a skritt and then magically transform back into their lifeless shape of animation. or the skritt disappears and we can just assume the same thing will happen in a few minutes again. You made us able to choose what we think is right to complete Living Story and Core story, I wish there was a way those choices were having an effect on my home instance.A little more evolution in how my home instance looks would be great, not lootwise, but homelike. If my bar is never visited, it should show some spiderwebs I gotta clean because I care about my home-instance. Like my depressed bartender drinking his failed passion (to be Divinities best bar ever, never visited) loneliness away that I maybe convince to start working again. Also, I'm sure where exactly my home is being human somewhere in Salma's District. Now we have some roleplayers in our community, easily made of by people who think themselves justified trolling the creativity of members who chose for this kind of anonymity, And I hope GW2 can give more examples like valuable conversations with NPCs getting different rewards in order to learn to play a game and live by the lore, as a guide of rules and events ....Sigh, I'm really an idealist, ain't I?....

My solution requires a little more KB but doesn't require an issue like ping, if alot more animations were offline. Offline in a way we see a kid that's coded to walk a circle but is joyfully skipping his or feet while sometimes standing still and just look around. Allowing more offline material you could make crowds or special NPCs that looked all over for you, for no reason at all, or to thank you for caring about them back when they were an Orphan on Wintersday, and I brought them ugly socks of wool.

I'd like to meet visionary's prophets wrong or right, white mantle or from the Order of the Whispers watching out for me, bearing with me in every choice I make that has affect on my storyline in a visual way,

I've seen that Arenanet has learned to deal with how NPC's behave in Tyria that are only meant for you. I wish for more chaos other than a choice to make that's been always the right choice. Good or Evil, whatever is justified by the >! (5?) 6 gods, we don't really know. Or we have to buy the bible of Guild Wars or we can actually pray by donating something to Dwayna instead of only the forge to be our mysterious toilet where Zommoros Arsenal is a lovely pile of unseen junk. Maybe if I didn't visit Frostberry Frontier and forgot what that map is called because I've got nothing to gain there anymore causing me to have a decent conversation with a white bear that lost it's faith a little. Or simply npc's being fans or haters that maybe only the player needs to know.

Talking to an NPC right now seems like the most simple puzzle just by randomly clicking anything whether it shows a heart or your ferocity, whatever we chose to be in character creation.We don't simply read quests, and therefor you gave us more audio while we learn what's going exploring an instance of a storyline.When we live in Tyria as immortals (as long as we got the money to pay for a Waypoint) I'd like to see more life changing the whole world of Tyria, instead of being a static generic feeling instead of rewarding and punishing us players to make wrong choices right again, and inspire Tyrian civilians to let go of fear when they live in dangerous ways.

Lonely golden Hearts?

Who's in for map completion?Revamp the way hearts are completed. When I create a new character I hate having to lvl it PvE wise because it takes some time, and soloable while listening to some music working on map completion relaxed the way the game is meant to be, I find it horrid to complete a heart just so I can have one more merchant I'd never or barely talk to.I want to invite players into my team without insecurities that I or the other isn't good enough or hesitates accepting an invitation because they don't see the point in playing together.

A simple example is how beetle is able to break a wall, Could there be more features invented in maps of the core game to allow people to need each other a little more?

Living world means constant development, not just skillswise or bugwise. but working perfectionalizing the aspect of the game there where it's necessary.

Phew, I wrote so much... I hope someone of Arenet looks with me to a wonderful everlasting Tyria

And graphicly, honestly, I hope +RTX will be revamp GW2 into an even more gorgeous game.

I thank those who read this TL;DR...Or save this post to sometimes read a little more.

Arenet, You said every voice counts.I hope I inspired you a little.

Faithfully yours,Van Marle

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