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How these Broken Brand Stompers work?

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When you click on a stomper you get a sort of clock above it. If said clock gets interrupted (mainly with mobs at its base and their explosions) you fail and have to click the device again to start over. Mobs that are on range don't seem to stop the clocks progress. When the clock manages to succeed you will be rewarded and it will show repaired. For stomper 8 and 9 check in south of the map (respectively near the strike missions and a little more east).

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@"Knighthonor.4061" said:I been trying to finish this but missing some locations, but these been hard to defend. I have no idea how to monitor the health of the robot. Seem like I failed even when I feel I held A+ defense. so not sure what I am doing wrong on this.

I am missing Stomper 1, 8 and 9.

Any idea where those are?


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