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If revenants were to get a new ranged weapon


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No Greatswords please. It's way overused ingame despite only 5 classes utilizing it (is staff and sword have 7 and 8 classes respectively). Offhand mace or warhorn maybe , although neither should be ranged damage probably.Mace only has warrior , rev (mainhand), and guardian using it. An offhand mace could function as a more condi damage oriented offhand than axe or provide hard CC (stun/daze/knockdown/etc) on a shorter cooldown at least for PvE purposes.Warhorn only has warrior, tempest (elite spec) , ranger, and necromancer using it. As a spirit conjurer or ritualist of sorts I think a warhorn would be befitting of revenants and could operate as a support weapon for alacrity/quickness/condi clear /etc (unlikely shield which has been largely gutted). Due to the uptime of fury, might, swiftness, and regeneration on heralds, this really isn't as appealing as what an offhand mace could offer.Scepter has 4 users and so does focus but neither seem to fill any gap in functionality if keeping the use thematically to magic only : warhorn probably is more befitting than focus and has fewer professions capable of equipping it.Torch has guardian, ranger, mesmer, berserker (elite spec), scourge (elite spec) using it totaling 5 so that's unlikely.

Longbow , pistol, and rifle would also be options, but rev already has ranged hammer (power) and shortbow (condi).

Current profession tally:sword = 6+2 = 8 <-- most possibly used (power/support mesmers, power revs, holos, some DPS guardians, condi berserker warriors, weavers, thieves use sword+ dagger in PvP typically)staff = 5+2=7 <-- seen everywhere (eles, condi mesmer , necros, guardians, revs, druids, daredevil, etc)axe = 4+2=6 <-- seen most often on warrior, but also on firebrands not using mace, power necros , support rangers , condi mirages + revsdagger = 4+1 = 5 <--- most commonly used by condi thieves and spellbreakers nowadays , rarely by eles, rangers, necrosGS= 4+1 = 5 <--- Greatsword : highly used by warriors, guardians, soulbeast rangers , power shatter mesmers, sometimes by power reaperstorch = 3+2 = 5 <--- used commonly by scourges , condi mesmers , condi berserkers , less often on condi (burn) guardians which may opt for shieldShield = 3+2 = 5 <--- common on guardians and warriors (PvP), chronos ; less common on engineers and revsscepter = 4 <--- heavy use by condi necros , mesmers, guardians , eles running Fresh Air scepter + warhornfocus = 4 <--- heavy use by power necromancers and mesmers, guardians in environments with few enemies , weavers in PvPwarhorn = 3+1 = 4 <--- used by druids (despite being for core ranger), tempests and rarely by necros & warriorshammer = 3+1 = 4 <-- seen often in WvW on scrappers/revs, spellbreakers ; guardians dropped this in favor of mace+shieldmace = 3 <--- rarely seen other than on support guardian mainhand , condi rev uses it in mainhand but warriors generally go for hammer over macepistol=3 <--- seen often on condi mesmers , rarely used by thieves (in mainhand) and condi engineerslongbow = 2+1 = 3 <--- mostly used by soulbeast (rangers) and DH , rarely by warriorsrifle = 2+1 = 3 <--- usually used by holos (engineers) and deadeyes, rarely by warriorsshortbow = 2+1=3 <-- used by renegades and condi thieves typically , less so by rangers

Keep in mind it is highly unlikely a weapon would be added for a single profession and that the least used weapons (i.e. only 3 or 4 professions using it) have to receive priority due to the ramifications on ingame economics. It would have to be part of an expansion or something of that nature in order for dev hours to be put towards something of that nature.

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@Arkantos.7460 said:stop this kind of threads, we are not getting any expansion so STOP IT

I say those kind of comment should JUST STOP instead, ppl here are enjoy what the forum has to offer. Don't ruin it.

  • Anyway, rather than having a boomerang i think we should just have a shield that acts as one. I could use the idea of having cap in MCU as a charr ;)
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