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Ranger E-spec. Suggestion - Dragonbrand


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The Dragonbrand has formed such a close Bond to Aurene that he/she has grown wings, (Aurene-looking or Aurene-branded looking ones) Wings that moves nicely depending on what the character does. - it's the visual recognition of this class.

This ranger has no pet - he/she corrupts/brands a pet from the surrounding enviroment that follows him/her for a while or untill killed. It takes on the appearence of an Aurene-crystally branded version of said creature. It has the GROWN pets abilities and skills and the ranger can control one skill of this grown pet in the same way as any ranger can with his juveniles. When it dies or leaves. The ranger will be petless for a while as the brand-skill goes on cooldown. This Claes is strongest with a companion. But without any pet his own stats are somewhat increased to compensate the lack of pets in some areas.

His special weapon is staff ( i know Druid has it too). And his speciality could be cc, and fire (nice blue fire like the Shimmerwing has. Attacs could be small fireballs. Branded walls... and pet support with the staff. Also casting brand on enemies crippling then from having crystals in their legs.The other skills unique to this Claes could be Wings flap (similar to what wyvern do), Huge, flitigt assisted leaps to get out of harms way. Barrel roll straighta through a mob pushing them aside or causing cc. Making a firefields on the ground etc...This would be a strong cc class, that can also work with Range.

Like the ideal? Hit thumb ?

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