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balancing professions around raids is going to kill pvp/ wvw

Stand The Wall.6987

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it already is. I am talking about 10 target skills/ traits specifically. some of them are fine, like winds of disenchantment. it has a high cd which is the main balancing factor for the skill. not being overloaded with effects is another thing that helps with balance of these types of skills. at this point all I can think of to satisfy all modes is to further the skill splits. I know anet doesn't want to do this, but the alternative is far worse imo. tbh I think most people wouldn't mind bigger splits, it won't take much getting used to and having better balance is essential for the longevity of any mmo.

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Going to kill? Those modes are on the slab already. As far as more spec splits between modes- they've been shown to be averse to doing proper balance when there weren't splits. Why would they want to do double the work to try and resuscitate things they've hitherto ruined through neglect? It's easier finding another game with competitive modes done better than praying/waiting for pvp/wvw to be sorted out here.

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