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Axe/Axe +GS or GS + LB CORE Power Ranger PvE?


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@Odokuro.5049 said:

@knite.1542 said:From the options you gave, axe+axe/gs would do more damage, but I suppose it depends on exactly what kind of content you are doing.

Pretty much leveling up to 80, personal story, unlocking both e-specs, and that's about it. I am planning on using a Condi-Soulbeast for end-game pve content.

If that's what you are doing both are completely viable. A lot of encounters would be easier with longbow vice axe.Greatsword is pretty useful so I'd say definitely take that.As far as longbow vs. axe axe, they both have uses.Longbow has a much greater range so it is a lot easier to kite with in situations that require (or benefit from) kiting.Axes have a shorter range but it's easier to hit more targets with and they can do a lot more damage. Damage won't really be a problem in most cases for leveling and doing the personal story though, so you can pretty much take anything.If it were me, I would use axes but I think you should try them both and see what you like more. No reason to not have both in your inventory and swap when needed either.

I hope this helps you.

edit: Also using longbow and a strong pet will definitely make doing some of the boss hero points a lot easier.

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