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PIXEL EROTICA [ERP] Looking for some sexy new peeps [NA][PvX][Raid]


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Hola ladies and gentlemen!!!We are Pixel Erotica [ERP], a completely brand new, small gaming community. We are looking for a few awesome individuals that would like to join naughty ranks and help us build our dream guild. We are in search of people that are fun, social and active. We don't care if you are a veteran of the game or a total newbie. Our main goal is chemistry. Our dream is to be the type of guild where everyone knows each other. A guild where everyone is willing to help each other out. A guild where everyone's voice matters. So if you are new to the game and need a home, come check us out. If you are part of a dead guild where no one logs in and the majority of its members are inactive, come check us out. If you are in a large guild and feel like just another number in the masses, again, come check us out. Maybe you are part of a guild with way too much drama and you need a breath of fresh air, well, come check us out. If you feel like being part of creating something new and you want to make some friends, look no further. We are right here!

For now some of our guild in game goal are going to be more PvE driven. We want to focus on building up a second raid group as well as smaller groups for high level fractals. As we gather more members and interest grows, we want to expand into the realm of WvW and PvP.

Some of our guild activities will include:

  • Raiding for them sweet panty drops.
  • Running low level toons with no AR through high level fractals.
  • AFK'ing at Meta events and world bosses while we let our auto attacks do all the work.
  • Getting stomped in PvP
  • Running away and sacrificing our friends to the enemy zerg in WvW.
  • If guild missions are your kink, we will try to do them as well.

If you like what you hear and are interested in joining us, there are a few things you should know. First, we prefer to invite members that are 18 years or older, for… reasons… Also, we use Discord and would like to recruit members who are able and willing to use voice chat in order to help organize challenging in game content. (An added benefit is that it also helps with the social vibe within the guild.) Finally, we tend to goof around a lot and we never take ourselves too serious.

So if after reading all of this you are still interested in joining our naughty ranks, all you have to do is talk to us. You could send us a message in game or just post down below.

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