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Seimur Oxbone:500 cooking quests can't be 100% completed on 2nd char

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This is a bit of a functional non-"progression blocking" bug. All the stuff you unlocked via the achievements to get "Gourmet" title were done on the first character. There are some things you can make at 450/475(?) that will progress towards your second character's 500.

Oxbone is only there for collections progress, of which you can only complete once (as it's an achievement). This errata has confused many people. It's not just you.

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I wish this bug was fixed. It's really annoying! 


I completed the collection on two chars, one started, and the other completed it. Neither of the characters has the complete cooking stove (both have only elements that they personally unlocked), and the achievement icon is visible all the time. 😐

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