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Returning Player LF Permanent Guild (For real this time)


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Hello. I am Grooveghast. I know I made a post on here and then I ultimately failed the attendance policy on two groups. I heavily and sincerely apologize. I wanted to make the jump into a new group of friends and potentially family over this game, but it was just a bad time in my life and I couldn't meet the requirements. It was so bad of a phase that I couldn't really talk to anyone about anything, which is why it looked like I didn't really care to show up. I meant no disrespect to anyone who gave their time to me. If those people see this post I hope they can forgive me, but let me stop talking about what's over and get to the title so someone reads this and knows what I'm looking for.

I am looking for a guild where I can hopefully relearn this game and find some new people to spend my time with. While I don't really know what constitutes fitting in, I will put some details about who I am to see if I make a match for anyone out there:

I am 21, just out of college and into a new job. My work schedule is 8-5 (EST) with weekends off.I want to learn how to do PvP and WvWI am on NSP, but I am willing to make a transfer over because people have knocked NSP, and I actually want to PvP with peopleSupporting people is my main preference in terms of play styleBad jokes are a plus with meI say sorry a lot, like too much. When I mean it I mean it, but it's common to hear it come from me.I am a good listener (even though my previous little rant made me sound like a bad talker... at least I have half of it)Most of my MMO experience comes from WoW and final fantasy, so things will be different for me given I pick this game back up primarily and greatly (which I aim to do)I am religion and LGBTQ+ friendly, I don't judge one bitI also like to talk in discord or whatever voice is available and used by the guild. That and I really like to talk in text chats. Feeling like I am a part of something with people in it is the prime point of my mmorpg genre favoritism

I can't really think of anything else because it's kind of late when I'm making this. Again, I am sorry to those I might have disappointed... That being said, I really hope some of you read this and I really look forward to hearing from you. My discord is Storrim#2567 because tomorrow I will be working and I won't be able to see anything coming in on the forums tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading and have a great morning, evening, night, and sleep!

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