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Bounties scaling and possible "soloable" content

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I love going for bounties and it was fun during the first week however now less people see to be going for them and it is a natural process.

However i still love to go againt these specialy to test things around and the challenge they represent but they are designed to be taken down with a group of people rather then being "soloable".

I would like 3 things adjusted about the bouties (regular ones not touching the legendary in the slightest).

First would be the hp scaling: Going solo against them would reduce their hp by 25-50% but would rise if other people jumps in to help out. Currently if 10 people are on the bounty the hp seems to remain static and the target goes down very quickly while being alone or only 2 people makes it extremely difficult to kill under the time limit. Another alternative if not touching the hp would be to increase the time available to kill it (doubling it maybe?).

Second thing would be to instance them by player/ party, so people willing to solo them wont deny anybody else to actually enjoy the bounties themselves.

Thirdly would be balancing the random effect based on the amount of people in the combat, that healing cloud produced by the electric orbs is way over the top and after some testing with friends, takes at least 5 people to simply negate the effects of those healing mobs while taking the target down under the time limit and this was by the skin of our teeth.

Overall bounties are really fun but currently people seems to have interest in them but it is an idea too good to simply let it dry under the sun. So what do you guys think?

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GW2 is a very lonely and antisocial game specifically because of its soloability. The open world needs to give players more reasons to form parties and actually interact with each other in stead of stumbling on to events in progress and wordlessly finishing them before wandering off alone again.

I can't for the life of me understand why people want an MMO that already has an extremely generous amount of solo content to sacrifice what little group content it has just so they don't have to play with other people.

Solo content is fine as is. The VAST MAJORITY of the game is solo content. Its a multiplayer game. Stop complaining when a small fraction of it actually requires multiple players to complete.

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