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countdown to armageddon - future potential edition

Stand The Wall.6987

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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:not sure when the big patch is, but I figure something somewhere is going to go horribly wrong. best we expect the worst and qq beforehand so no one gets their hopes up :-]

lets see if any of our warnings and suggestions got through.

I'm not scared, I have decades worth of gaming backlog that needs some love in case something bad [lel] happens.щ(ºДºщ)

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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:I've gotta admit to some glimmer of hope... after all these years. dunno what i'm thinkin. maybe this is proof that i'm actually kind of a dummy?

You reminded me of when I went fishing once - I saw the faint shimmer of sunlight glimmering off the body of fish I never manage to catch. They are there, the hope is there, but I never get the big catch. I do get crabs stealing my bait though.(V) (ಠ,,,ಠ) (V)

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it has begun.


Sand Savant: Increased the number of targets affected by the larger shade from 2 to 5 so that it now affects up to 10 targets.

Warrior's Cunning: This new trait increases damage by 25% against foes with health above 90%. Additionally, it increases damage by 50% against foes that have barrier. These bonuses do not stack.

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