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New guild weapon set


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has seen if there is a new guild hall weapon set like the tenebrous or shimmering set that was linked to the previous guild halls. I've been looking around but haven't found anything yet, and since I don't have access to the new guild halls yet I've been unable to mine for any new crystals.

Also if the new guild hall wasn't released with one, anyone listening can we get a new set for it!

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Guild halls are now a second tier system. This is what Arenanet does. Initial rollout of interesting content with a new system, and then mostly forgets that system exists from that point on.

Even the initial guild halls were supposed to have unique armor per hall, which was then pared down to just the weapon set. As of PoF, now its just the hall and mission. Next xpack I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't bother to even do the mission and just sold it to you for 100 gold.

Lackluster amount of scribing recipies in PoF, no new guild missions, etc. etc. The entire line we were fed about the "Guild Story" before HoT release is mysteriously dead.

The entire "guilds should matter" ethos ended with PoF. Be pleasantly surprised they remembered to even release a single guild hall.

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