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Returning Player Looking for an Active [PvX] Guild


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26 Yo

Pilot trainee

I started playing the game when it came out but had to quit because of a break up.Anyways I'm back now and I love achievement hunting, collecting everything and doing it alone is just not efficient I need a good guild who can help out and who I can help out with.I haven't played this game for years so I might not know everything but I do my research and find things that I don't know on my own. (There is google and youtube right?)I love raiding, I wanna do daily fractals, farm for legendary weapons and armor.I also like pvp and I'm decent; not too good, not too bad.WvW I love farming it but its not my main focus; ofc I wouldn't mind swapping servers if the guild does WvWI play everyday but at different hours because of my work.

I am a gaming freak, I played every single game that is worth playing and I still do play other games but I decided to make guild wars 2 my main mmorpg.

TLDR: I am social, I love making new friends and hope to get in an active, social guild.

that is all!


I'm usually on discord so my DC ID is Rolaf#8479

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