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farming tomes of knowledge


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IM a noobie and all that, and i would really appreciate a bit of help. The thing is that i want to lv up fast my thief, but dont wanna spend the day doing opne world, because is a bit boring going from heart to heart killing the same centaur over and over. So, is it better to farm tomes of knowledge doing pvp or wvw? i have only played 4 matches at pvp, but i find quite enjoyable. Havent touched wvw at all

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All reward tracks in pvp and wvw give you tomes. (And the login rewards as well. 10 each 28 day cycle). If you play one often and login daily you rather sooner than later swim in them.

Some dailies give 5% of lvl rewards, mystic forge trader can convert 20 of them into a tome (which is better than using them directly, as you loose a bit on each lvlup otherwise).

Then there are also birthday scrolls

  • 1st & 2nd birthday you get a lvl 20 scroll per char that is 1 (2) year(s) old
  • 3rd you get Lvl 30
  • ...
  • 6th you get a lvl 60 scroll per char that reaches to be 6 years old.
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Do the WvW dailies (2 times 1 bottle, 2 times 2 bottles of reward track progress), and keep your participation on max level 6. (Now that participation is saved between WvW-Sessions, the way you bring it to max isn't really relevant any more.) and spend time in WvW on max participation.

And Booster on Reward tracks (e.g. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Experience_Booster, https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Heroic_Booster, ...), if you have.

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It depends on your goal. WvW and PvP are great places for farming tomes but that is because there isn't really any other place that can provide an unlimited supply of them. In terms of leveling speed it is not that great. A track gives 8 tomes. It takes around 4-8 hours to complete depending on how many boosters you have. Lets assume you complete them in 4 hours so that is 2 levels per hour. On the other hand map completion/story with boosters is closer to around 10 levels per hour.

Between login rewards and doing the easy PvP dailies in a custom arena is around 10 tomes per week.

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