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Mage Knight Appearance Package

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I just wish they would stop with those headgears that include that ugly thing that makes the head look like a condom with a hat. Nobody wears tights on their head (or likes doing it).Just work on it with a random haircut from the selection like you did on one hat. It's betterI'd rather have hats with haircuts I don't like with a chance of having one day a hat with the haircut I like, then hats that make you bald or make you wear tights on your head.

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A typical day in the ANET outfit dept....

Bob: Hey Frank, that outfit you're working on looks amazing.Frank: Aw thanks, its almost done.Bob: Yeah that one is gonna be really popular so here, let's add this one big stupid looking over-the-top thing right here to totally screw it up.Frank: Hey you're right! That totally fucked it all up! It was amazing but now its just ridiculous looking. Thanks Bob, you're the best!

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@"Acheron.4731" said:Looks like one of your artists fell asleep watching a movie

Actually, it reminds me of the Mage character classes from a Korean MMO (whose unfitting mix of Asian anime designs and classic medieval European designs are the main reason I quit it after just one day) called "Black Desert":


Those look much better than the GW2 version, though, which has that Asian anime style I loathe implemented into its outfit's design.

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@"Crab Fear.1624" said:177d1MTX_MageKnightOutfit-590x332.png

I'm getting eastern vibes, maybe Korean mmo vibes.

A little bit reminds me of the bad ninjas from Big Trouble Little China (Kurt Russell Movie).

That's it, CONFIRMED! We will find a rebuilt Canthan Quarter in Charr Homelands.

My god that looks terrible :disappointed:

btw my inner nerd had to say this, those were not ninjas in Big Trouble in Little china. Ninja's are japanese.. ;) I love that movie btw.

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