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We heard about the WvW patch which is great, but when is the PvP one coming?


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Just asking because Im concerned; there were some PvP changes thrown in there too, so not sure if the devs would qualify that as PvP patch too.   Just wondering when are going to see the [much needed] changes to Holo's sustain without investing a single point in healing and thus their ability to constantly reset a fights specially when coupled with stealth/invul/forge #2. Or mesmer's cancerous condi spam coupled with great chase/disengage potential. Or DE unfair burst from 1500 range right from stealth that somehow inflicts 17k damage to my 2,4k toughness guardian with 18k hp with a SINGLE ability coupled with the ability to remove the already situational and hard-to-come-by stealth reveal debuff. A way to tone down weavers while not making core/tempest ele even more useless than they already are. Or actually do something about the unmached dueling power of a Spellbreaker on a side node.

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