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Appreciation post

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Long time wanted to make a appreciation post and I have a chance to nowI'm a old fan since the release of prophecies, I played through all GW series and when I heard that GW2 was going to be released I was so excited2012 when GW2 released, I bought the game and enjoyed it till 2013 until I couldn't handle the lag due to my junk computer at the time and basically forgot about the game due to life

fast forward 2019, I built up a good computer which would let me run GW2 smoothly with no issues so I decided to give the game a go againNow been playing the game vigorously and I love the game as I always have.I love the artwork, the designs, the skins and mounts, actually i love almost everything about the gameSome parts I do not like or agree with the game especially the horizontal progression, which has lead me to play other games, one which is a competitor to this game and recently had an expansionBut no matter what game I play I always return to GW2 , no game satisfies me as much as GW2

So basically I wanted to say thank you to ANET for keeping this game alive and well for 7 long years and still much more to goI hope this game is around for many many more years !

Well done guys n gals

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