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Blocking change

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I'm not sure if it is something that should be done but I sympathise with the sentiment. There is something desperate about this behaviour. Advertise your squad in chat? Sure. Spam every player around who is not in the squad? F no. Rest assured, that commander wasn't targeting just you. Happens quite often, too, and it IS annoying.

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@Cynder.2509 said:Mhh strange because I can't invite people who blocked me to anything as I tested before. It always gives me an error when trying to invite someone who blocked me to a squad. Care to elaborate how that should work? Because as far as I know this isn't possible.

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Maybe it was someone else in the squad that sent the invitation?

Likely a ‘lieutenant’ that was given the responsibility to recruit as many as possible for the Meta.

Good luck blocking everyone in the squad ...

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@"Knighthonor.4061" said:wow didnt know people will block you for giving them a friendly squad invite during a meta.

Yes, being spammed repeatedly with an invite is very "friendly". ;)

first, I find out that people in WvW will block you for requesting help in the chat, now this...

Depends on how you asked? I've never witnessed anyone being blocked for requesting help in team chat.

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@RoseofGilead.8907 said:As others already said, it was likely other people in the squad inviting you.

This. I remember when this was an issue in Dragon's Stand. Some people wanted to join a lane's fight but not be in squad for whatever reason. People in the squad really wanted everyone there to be in the squad to help figure out lane numbers for a balanced assault. Since anyone in the squad could invite, anyone with a green name over their head got a barrage of invites that they assumed were all from a very persistent commander. Forum complaints were made!

So blocking just one inviter won't help. Perhaps take a quick moment in /say to indicate you are not planning to join the squad? Be polite about it. If anyone gets rude in return, they can be reported, but you may dissuade a lot of the reflexive invites.

Not that you should have to at world bosses. There is no earthly reason anyone needs to be in a squad for those except to stay with a cohesive group going to the next one. (And maybe if the squad is going for some achieves like Behemoth portals). They should announce if they have a squad purpose and anyone around that is intrigued by joining can invite themselves in.

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