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Do you own a top spot for ranked kills?


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So for some odd reason my ranked kills wont display even though nearly everything else works...ubRsXe2.png

     But at least some other stats do display:ZZTIPNf.png

   What I learn is my strengths are Ele, Guardian, Ranger and Necro, but absolute garbage at engi and mesmers...I now know when I took one of my long breaks (all the bronze ranking, which is the default for not participating in ranked that season(s))   For a little bit more context: I almost exclusively play supports only (in all video games; healer in OW, support in LoL, medic in PS2, resto druid in WoW, healers in HoTS, etc etc. Im also a second year medical student so I wonder if there is a correlation...)

So:ele; support staff tempestguard: Fb support, now playing symbol guard cuz broken while top notch supportingranger: druid healer supportNecro: the exception; turns out reaper is kinda broken if you got more than 2 brain cells and know where to position to not be insta-bursted Failed healers:Support renegadeSupport Ventarisupport chronomancer (i just cant get the hang of it)warrior shout/banners LB + sw/horn when that was a thing. I honestly wanna give it another try soon.   Engi and thief kinda a tinsy bit so I can learn what they can do and how to fight agaisnt them, mostly in unranked since they dont fit my playstyle at all and I know I would drag my team down. All those gold ratings were a period I was NOT having any fun with my ele being instantly blown up in fights, Im glad that meta is gone now (not that the current one is a good one either...)  edit: Imagine if this information was public (like it is with WoW armory), the forums would be a whole different beast, huh?

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