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Changing Stats of Aquatic Breather to Harrier


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@"neffi.9175" said:Hello,i recently tried to change the stat on my ascended aquatic breather to harrier stats. While every other stat i tasted would be possible i can't "forge" the breather in combination with harrier insignia.That’s an old bug.Every insigina/inscription with stats from LS, HoT, PoF can’t be used on breathing apparatuses, since the game doesn’t know a Zehtuka’s Cloth Breather for example. Until ANet introduces a recipes for all three breathing apparatuses in every stat combination, this won’t be fixed.

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1 hour ago, Monarch.7241 said:

They should be stats changeable, its treated as underwater helmet after all.

while it's possible to Stat change Ascended Aquabreathers, not all stats are available (at least at time this thread was originally made, honestly outside of a couple of fractals, the need for an ascended aquabreather is so low that i doubt many people even bother with using ascended quality)

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