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Status Update On Monthly and Tournament Of Legend?


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We were suppose to get a ToL(Tournament of legend) A second time this year but haven't.... I know things been slow in all aspect for spvp in terms of Balance Patches,Notes,2vs2, Swiss, and templates. However can we please get some sort of attention/love @Ben Phongluangtham.1065 ? Can we get an update on Monthly and possibly Tournament of Legend?

The population has taken a big dive for the last 2 months and it's really killing off a good amount of players that were even left to play the game. It's so bad at the moment we have the current top 10 on the leader boarder with a rating of 1670(Plat2). This is soooooooooo heart breaking to see and with the fact that Anet itself is giving Attention/Support to a Beetle Race the community is just at a lost with why WvW/Raid/Spvp left with no love?

Like please just at the very least give us some good news.

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I’ve played since gw1 prophecies and never before have I felt so abandoned by this company.I mean seriously, how hard is it to put monthlies back?

What’s so challenging about adding Swiss format that it’s taken years? We talked about Swiss on release of monthlies.

Why can’t ToL’s be a bi-monthly activity? The coding and reward boxes are already made. Just use a monthly format and change the rewards.

The sad part is what anet may not realize is that while pvpers might talk a lot of sh*t they love this game, enough to play it every day and take it seriously despite it all, when there are so many competitive options who’s main goal is to foster a healthy competitive player base.Yet 99.9% of anets resources go to the players who install for the newest living story, cop a mount skin, then uninstall until the next update.

Truly sad, if it took a monthly subscription to make anet realize pvpers care and invest in their game mode I would pay it in a heartbeat.

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