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Delayed Reactions & Lost Time nerfs

Me Games Ma.8426

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So with the new balance patch 2 slow traits for Chrono will be nerfed.Lost Time: Cast Lost Time when you disable a foe (damage + 3s slow) NO ICD.Delayed Reactions: Interrupting a foe slows them and grants you alacrity. (3s IDC against defiant foes only)

These two traits get thrown into the mixer and the worst of both is coming out missing important synergies.

The new version of Delayed reactions: Slow enemies you hit with control effects. 3s slow. 3s ICD per target.This trait is essentially a crippled version of Lost Time. The damage is gone and it now has an ICD meaning that you can no longer stack up Slow using F3 or gWell.

New Lost Time: Slowing a foe grants you alacrity for 3s. 3s ICD.This really made me laugh. We just got a GRANDMASTER trait that allows us to gain alacrity for 3s when we slow someone. Slow access is on: F3, Delayed Reactions, Time Warp, Well of Action and Arcane Thievery. ONLY ONE of these skills is able to trigger the alacrity gain more than once.This essentially is a GM trait that says: The following skills give you 3s of alacrity. F3, Well of Action, Arcane Thievery, Shield 4. Time Warp grants 6s of alacrity.

I am sorry but this is bullshit.

Imagine running both traits old and new and we don't interrupt we just CC, alright?

Gravity Well

  • OLD: each target: 9s of slow, 3 packages of damage
  • NEW: 3s of slow per target; 3s of alacrity

F3 (3 illusions)

  • OLD: 15s of slow, 3 packages of damage
  • NEW: 9s of slow, 3s of alacrity.

Mantra of Distraction

  • OLD: each target: 3s slow, 1 package of damge
  • NEW: 3s of slow per target; 3s of alacrity.

NOW: If any of the CCs that I listed above had been an interrupt we would have gotten 3s alacrity AND 3s slow on top (only the old one). Any questions?

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The extremely narrow scale of the changes doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. No iteration on Chrono F skills, surprisingly no change to Mirage F skills, no attempt to fix chronic broken things like Elusive Mind, or reconcile multiple traits/concepts for proper variety and choice.

Tbh I just can't be bothered to play any mode (for the record mirage still very strong, and I have no difficulty vs most in wvw for example, so that's not the reason) - the reason being utterly bored of the status quo and lack of incentive from Anet to make the big changes that will reinvigorate the game.

It's always half a dozen little tweaks every few months - at this rate we'll probably get Half Life 3 and Star Citizen will be final release before gw2 gets to the state it has the potential to be in for more fun and satisfying play.

Hell I couldn't be bothered to finish LW4 ep6, let alone even log in to play this new Icebrood prologue... :/

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Time Catches up is 10% damage for Shatters. (1 and 2 only deal damage). Delayed Reactions is Slow at will and Split Second with Slow is 25%. So Time Catches up is really for the speedy clones which is good for sPv--Buwahahahahaha.

I like how that Mesmers always had about three ways to DPS: Phantasm Spam, Shatter Spam, or a little of both. Chronophantamsa was for phantasm. Seize the Moment was Shatters. And Lost time was the other option. LT v1 was DPS via Autoattack spam. LT v2 was DPS via CC spam. Now LT v3 is high player-skill for high reward of 3s Alacrity ... Every other Mesmer Grandmaster is just rolf Big Great effects except those that require Interrupts. What are those skills? Big Damage, Weakness and increased cool down on target; Blinds cause Conf, and you Blind (which is the Condi version of Aegis) on interrupt; 5s cooldown reduce on weapon skill; and 3s Alacrity.

act recharge time = org recharge time - 02.0 * alacrity time0 = 5 - 02.0 * alacrity02.0 * alacrity = 5alacrity = 25 seconds

Chaotic Interruption will be 25s of Alacrity on Interrupt for a random skill. While LT v3 will be 3s of Alacrity on all CCs for all skills if traited. If not traited it's just on 5 skills.

Though 3s on 5+1+3+1 = 10 skills is 30s of Alacrity spread out evenly. Note this is ignoring all the built in Alacrity from Shatters which Chronos get their value they cannot 0 clone Shatter.

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