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The 14th King and Queen's Horrorween (2019) - Glaive's Revenge

Daniel Frozenwind.2946

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                                                                              MAD KING THORN - DANIEL FROZENWIND - MAD QUEEN MALAFIDE                                                                                                                                      PRESENT




Come one - come all to

Tyria's oldest community event returns to the Guild Wars franchise for it's ominous 14th anniversary.

The Snowman King on behalf of her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invites you all to attend this grand Halloween caper.

Featuring the famous costume contest, live in-game bands and fan favourite activities you have all come to know and love!It is not be missed, we bring frights and delights!


A mysterious ship arrives into Lion's Arch port just before Halloween. On account of it's antiquated look and seeming lack of crew, it is put into quarantine...fearing Orrian magic or worse.Aurene's Champion and allies are summoned to investigate.Upon boarding a mysterious fog rolls in and the ship appears to sink with all hands lost.You awaken in The Mad Realm. By working together the crew must break the curse of Lady Glaive and escape her lost flag ship, The Queen of Fools - before Halloween wanes.You are not alone however.Frozenwind, Mad Queen Malafide, Captain Poet and even Mad King Thorn* will lend a hand to flee the legendary ghost ship.

*He may kill you in the process.


Although Halloween has lain dormant, there comes a time.When revellers awaken, and hear the bell chime.Ghouls stir in patchwork beds and skeletons arise from dusty tombs.Drawn by the Horror, this magic - the greatest of boons.

The Mad Monarch Thorn, calls to one and all.Away from Palawa, and the tar of his thrall.With him stands Malafide, Queen supreme.And an Old Snowman, a merry one indeed.

They wait for you to arrive, beneath the cold Mad Moon.For the 14th tradition - is bound to begin soon.So linger a while, under the pale moonlight.The Horrorween is here, it's time to fright and delight!

Sponsored Guild(s)

  • Guardian's of the Dutch [GOTD] (For donating the vast majority of event prizes & hosting event TeamSpeak)
  • [CMAJ] for providing the famous live band "The Ghostly Quartet".


17:30 | Wickerman's Scavenger Hunt18:00 | The Queen of Fools18:30 | A Voyage of Souls19:00 | Lunatic Royale19:30 | Spooky Scary Skimmers20:00 | The Grand Concert of The Ghostly Quartet20:30 | Pedantic Pounces21:00 | Blasphemous Beetle-Boost21:30 | Cauldron Conundrum22:00 | The Attire of Autumnal Awesome Costume Contest22:30 | Ghoulbrak Ghoulies23:00 | Weyandt's Revenge23:30 | The Night Flight / Mad King Says00:00 | The Finale Firework show & The Community Spirit Award00:30 | After-party Blitz to The Chapal of Lady Glaive


How do I take part?

  • The event shall be held on EU servers, in Lion’s Arch, on the 26th of October, starting at 6pm CEST!
  • All you have to do is attend, take part in the festivities, and fabulous prizes will be in store for you.

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!

  • Not to worry! There are other ways to take part in the festivities, we have a fabulous raffle that you can join.
  • A work around is to create a free account, if you win anything big at the event we will gladly mail it to your main account!

    Twitch Coverage


  • https://www.twitch.tv/mystriouspoetjuh
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Pick a number between 1 and 250, and we’ll randomly draw five winners from that list, during the event.Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen.You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account.Some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken.Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize.Make sure you spell it right.And yes, US players can take part as well!Raffle extended to 250 due to overwhelming interest.

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The Attire of Autumnal Awesome Costume ContestThis year we have another costume contest of course.Our ghastly group of judges will be lending their dark votes to this tradition.Best male, female, and "Ugly Stick" win special prizes and maybe something exclusive from the gem store! Dress your spookiest!

THE COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARDWe have a Legendary prize in store for one Tyrian (but it is a secret, and anyone who knew about the prize has been buried alive).Simply attend the event to have a shot at this prize.

SCAVENGER HUNTA masterfully witty scavenger hunt to re-build the Wickerman, presented in five stages throughout the pre-event.The first person to successfully gather the parts required will be rewarded in a big way!

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1 guaymaskof.27592 Kenveyy3 Urievea4 Lance Bowson5 Una Like6 notsodarling.87937 exbr.74928 Maggy Simpson9 Kyanmari10 Asasinat11 X crazycatlady X12 Floofdragon13 Archdevil.174814 Nemesi Vitae15 Tahnai16 Raksha Gearseeker17 Escanor Smith18 Eagle Dark cloud19 Simply Vexed20 Big Shinyboi21 Fishlock brickstone22 cihrion23 Lucas Taimar24 Jilly Beene25 Girl Mistic26 Ana.241527 Cirocco Mistral28 Guilmon Uwu29 Mael El Arcangel30 Reeza31 SlothPanda.7148032 Noomix33 bulgarath.352734 DemiValice.483035 Kunjah36 Amurond.459037 Godsie.286438 Chimera Doll39 zafhiro.438940 Hevrtless41 Citiaw42 Wolfsfriend.639543 driny.127444 Foreman Pete45 Mad Suga46 sir ujano47 Zel Blackpaw48 Alastar Aranil49 Rurick Brinkston50 JonasBL.827051 Rowan Wyrmtamer52 Nyxaeris53 Silver Vlll54 Yuri Shinomiya55 Sir Aesir V56 Jainermt57 Lady Walkyria Vi58 talyia59 Mie Ciuu60 Xae Noxi61 Yimbo Relicclaw62 Nerilika Pern63 Lefandroz64 Tozco65 hyborim66 Ithorn The Fey67 Floorke68 Dydz Yooo69 Emperor Crowley70 Nightking71 Diosa Liona72 Darcksenemys.274073 Counterskim74 Zéronimo75 Vixxen Razorleaf76 Feline Galore77 sakiayres.728178 Black Starfang79 Azalea Meadowwood80 Nico Torde81 Misty Bloodrage82 Pablo.987683 Hedagret84 Venturn85 Roger viss86 Sempai Kato87 Vestigio.927088 Chariote Moonchild89 Xdmarley90 myalesca.854191 Gypsy Willow Duskah92 Guard Of Osiris93 SuwanHime.768594 Last Move95 Alexandark96 Raynerdrall.209597 Ó Rucklia Amae98 Koff99 Malicia Dyrr100 Pyrrha Garcia101 Celtic Son102 Sensual Sloth X103 raku.1025104 Mila Rymard105 Serberis106 Yarramundi107 Allytria.6734108 Kingpin. 3258109 Lunar Pixie110 Zrone111 The One True Frog112 evpat.3271113 Tyu114 Draxian Swiftblade115 SLOTH.8029116 Arnett117 AzureInvidiaOnline.6789118 Dondarrion.2748119 Elton Hc120 BenDover.7692121 Miracle Fezzik122 Mia.8695123 Cboxhero.6035124 Shivas Fury125 Kiwicharr.8051126 Thormund Stonefist127 Shanor Blazestrike128 Sérac129 Zivaluna130 Zeneles.9058131 Lyanna Roseheart132 Ewrim.1324133 fatihso.7258134 Pequeña Invasora135 Hadrian Ironeye136 Nehnah137 Zi Ra138 Yuriliis139 Grinnu140 inblank.9348141 Nasbit.3240142 The Stepho143 Magnificent Chari144 Skye Silent145 Skylla Haelwyn146 vangual.9027147 Nashua.2189148 Hoelwa.9136149 Yandrak.4876150 MrACE.3501151 Cayde Zero152 Noglaz.5018153 Rodan.6820154 the shadow hunter.9351155 EJECUTOR.3128156 Fatality Darkworld157 C N L158 Ashenfall Gray159 Bolskia160 Solmir161 Svhenja.3197162 Gangar Altour163 Himmelstaenzer.8926164 Fear Me Im Scary165 hipnofagus.5619166 Nycrea167 Yvvin168 Lex Silverhammer169 Squareea Nutsy170 Antycypator.9874171 PuckSwaen.4180172 Lon Elbernon173 Iageri.8179174 Blackphantom.1475175 rodadams.5963176 Neala Riverflower177 Tredols.4620178 Wyldwynd Stormrider179 WenWen.6923180 Denshin181 Ferelwing.8463182 midadami.2167183 BirthdayMassacre184 Mirmoon185 Quaggan President185 StanGe.2765186 Akinom Tsarn187 Salad Goth188 Yersinia Macabre189 Manen.7253190 Shadows of Amn191 Yasace192 Tarianna Shaa193 Milo Fernoza194 Martius Silentium195 Akevoriath196 Nimblor.4856197 Iluvanil198 siro.3705199 Jeff The Emo200 Cellofrag201 Skal Neko Guardian202 Epicurean.6541203 Aleyra Twinsou204 Myno The Mad205 Inedigo206 Tess Alethea207 Syr Falis208 Lena Torn209 So Ta210 Meeko Tortel211 Juka.9075212 Onza.6083213 Cleo Phearato214 Matrix.8724215 Algo.2698216 chinchiyo.6794217 stuffles.6734218 Lalapa219 Hellschream.4812220 Scathach Rhiain221 Tsonn Lau222 Grainke223 Venora Aerith224 Alindrin.1035225 revsy226227228229230231232 MaiyahSlippy.9501233 huluobo.7036234 fowidner.6930235 Saphrenal236 windy.7185237 hellschream.4812238 Burny239240 Yedam241242243244245246 Super Tireur.4328247 Legionwing248 Tirre.4219249 Cherry.6573250 Philippe Terroriste

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