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I saw a ranger spirit walking in my raid today


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I saw that and I was like, I want that, did they buff druid/rangers?

Then I tried it on my own druid and they just stood there ...

I was disappointed...Still it would be cool if they could walk around with you instead of teleporting around at key locations...

It's fine for raiding but it sux for fractalsJust wanted to share my crushed dreams/hopes with you all.

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I think you may have been confused. Ranger's use to be able to Trait up to allow Spirit's that you summon, to follow you around the field of battle. I had thought that Anet nerfed that, because there isn't a single Spirit Ranger that I have seen in either PvE or WvW since anet nerfed that trait.


Avatar of Melandru however is not a Spirit, but a Human based elite skill. Turns you into a Druid Spirit....and this may have been what you saw.

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Could have also been https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Summon_Druid_Spirit which looks translucent like other spirits but does walk around and attack. Plus the icon looks somewhat similar to Nature Spirit so I'm sure there's other sylvari rangers out there besides me that have accidentally brought Druid Spirit into a raid instead of Nature Spirit.

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