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PVP Unplayable

Aogiri Tree.6318

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Hello pvp'ers.I have noticed after the latest update that pvp is absolutely unplayable...I usually play on 190 ping (which is stable ping for me) with no issue at all. After the previous update it seems that the pvp servers are spiking up to 1600 ping for some reason.This is not my internet being slow since the setting bar shows constant 190-200 ping, but I experience latency for more than 2 seconds in matches and then it returns to normal. This latency drop is constant in matches while I have 190 ping on the pvp servers. I asked around and some players explained to me that they are experiencing the same issue, the latency goes up and down again during matches and that this problem also surfaced after the previous update. Do we have any conformation from Anet that they are working on it or do they give 0 kittens about pvp players like always?

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@Aogiri Tree.6318 said:@Dave.6819 I apologize. I did not mean to come of as salty.I totally agree with you, they are butchering pvp with every balance patch. Sadly I still can't play pvp, the latency is so bad it's unplayable. I already logged a ticket and no response from Anet...

I think it might be related to upcoming balance patch actually. Sometimes when they test new stuff PvP servers tend to lag. I remember back in HoT when they were testing new elite specs servers were lagging hard for like a week or so. Should be alright in a day or two.

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Prob just testing like he said. But it's all good even after the patch nothing will be better at all. Wintrade wars wont change and population will still go down. Really there are more bots, afks, and wintraders then actual players these days.

It will still be 5v5 wintrade wars with circlequest only.

Come join me on Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. New free battle royal mmo that will have a epic pve side soon and a few more game modes.

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