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Collateral damage buff proposal


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So I just looked at the planned changes with the next patch. Overall I like it, slightly more healing out of the shadow arts line, and Cloaked in Shadow is getting a needed buff. Not quite as much as I'd like it to get, but after 7 years as a Thief, I'll take it.

But I'd also like to propose a buff to Collateral damage from the Deadeye line.Right now it triggers a 2 second aoe blind and some minor damage on a kill of your marked target. Its really Meh, and Ive not seen anyone running it seriously.What I would like to see is the kill requirement changed to require a Stealth attack on your Marked target. It would allow us to go from triggering it once every so often, to being able to use this trait regularly enough to be moderately usable in a PVE environment, while not being overly damaging in PVP/WvW. And when paired with Cloaked in Shadow, it would give a Deadeye a bit of extra sustain to keep them in waved defense events.

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