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Will Weaver get nerfed?


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There are weavers (well, eles) that can totally hardcounter certain builds. If you happen to run that... Well tough luck. But their PvE performance is in no way indicative of their overall WvW performance. In fact, they're not really meta anywhere. Strong when played well, otherwise just another random corpse on the pyre.

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The burn Weaver is somewhat prevalent in both PvP and WvW too, however should they become too common people will begin to hard counter them more. In many ways the burn Weaver is quite similar to the other burn builds, be it burn Guardian or burn Engineer etc.

The upcomming patch will remove several cleansing abilities so condi is bound to make somewhat of a rebound, but the burn builds are unlikely to benefit greatly from it as (was mentioned already) there are not that many cover conditions etc. If you look at groups bulking up for the patch I think we are more likely to see a couple of older Cele builds come back in play (check out Exy's latest video for example). Those well rounded builds on powerful traits are more likely to benefit from the changes than somewhat gimmicky swap-up builds.

Still, the burn builds will still be one way to play (a fun swap-up build from more common options or as a hybrid-dimension from a main role on a hybrid build) and are likely to at least become a little bit more common.

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