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Goal Based Interest in Conquest, Profit and Activity.

Crab Fear.1624

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The goal is to encourage trying hard for victory, and giving players a sense of accomplishment.

Also to get campers to play more games, because you can get an LB title and still not get this, and you can get this and still not get an LB title.

LB titles are still rating based, but we want the population or a good chunk of it to be hungry for victory.

Some ideas (please post your own, don't just call mine dumb)

Season Based Title Achievements:

Titles for wins (matches) per season to encourage not giving up, not guarantee, but encourage.

These could be repeatable for at least the gold each season. (names are just placeholders, derp)

  • Go Team (50 wins during a single season) + 10 gold
  • I Like Winning (50 wins during a single season) + 20 gold
  • Victory At All Costs (100 wins during s single season) + 50 gold

A PvP Cosmetic AuraThis one should be also victory and win based to earn a currency, and take at least 3 seasons to earn, and it should not be tradeable

Make it tied to a higher certain amount of wins (25+) on multiple classes

Title: PvP Expert

There is a question, why even try at this point? (talking about any given match out of favor)

Things look grim, better to give up and hurry onto the next match.

Trying hard needs to be profitable in some way.

This is where we are at, it's that whole level of quality.

A bonus pip or two for scores over 350 on the losing team.

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@shadowpass.4236 said:Each new PvP season should have it's own unique (longer, and harder to grind out) themed reward track with at least one unique weapon and armor set choice box given at the end. Titles could also change every season to match the themes.

Boom. Instant incentive to play PvP.

I remember the hype when we were going to get a new Ascension every year in different colours... Season 3 I took a few weeks annual leave from work so I could grind it out to have the first and most prestigious Ascension.... then it was extended by a season, then another, then it became indefinitely.

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I know it might sound counter-intuitive, but you dont want to tie monetary (raw gold and/or mats) rewards to a mode thats intended to be intrinsically fun, because on the long run you would have to constantly "up" the rewards in order to keep interest in these people, and once you remove or decrease the rewards, no mattter how much the players are enjoying the mode, they would feel "cheated" and "wronged". This has been studied with many other things IRL, and it has always held true (heck, we still see people who "quitted" when they made ascended armors harder to make, even though for MANY years PvP has been as unprofitable as it gets, yet it would still always have a healthy population).

I like the idea of longer, more meaningful season, lasting maybe 5 months, 1 month break, so 2 seasons a year. Reward tracks with unique stuff, like for example, the new map reward track was a great thing; little by little you would work on an emote and some skins. It doesnt have to be a full set of armor and/or weapons, but a few skins here and there like that t-shirt, an emote, a weapon skin, 2-3 matching skins armor skins like shoulder, arms and boots, a tittle, a home decoration, an aura, or unlocking a collection that gives an aura, or toys, etc etc.

Reward tracks are one of the best things Anet has introduced to PvP. If you are winning you get those exclusive items before other people, if you are not as good but grind, you will get it too, although probably later. It gives long term goals. Of course the PvP potions issue would have to be addressed. I have saved 3 stacks of potions, waiting for good rewards tracks to drop, or wintersday reward track (extremely profitable every year). Maybe have them auto-consume like Karma.

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There has to be more ideas.

Park your pessimism for 5 minutes and just give your thoughts on how to encourage playing, returning, and winning.

This isn't a question about balance.

How many of us pvp to just pvp?

And, how many just come back for the seasons?

If there is a sharp increase during seasons, we can guess the reasons players return or do not return are not related to balance (in the grand scheme).

Anet seems confident that their total population (the ones that mainly pve) is still healthy and very active.

But, we can see with our own eyes and experience should tell us that the pvp population appears to be shrinking.

Clues would be playing the same people over and over, getting really familiar even with low level unknowns, lop-sided matches, and gods of pvp duos versus low golds.

So, if there is a large population in the game, but not in pvp, what is a possible reason?

They have completed everything.

Same wings, same armor, blah, bleh...meh weapons.

Mostly all grindable even without victory (the legendary wings take a few wins).

I am looking for a longer goal exclusively tied to winning.

Cosmetic auras are very popular, but that is not the only incentive that might do the trick.

I know it is a carrot and stick trick, but it works.

They need to add more carrots, but they must always be tied to wins.

PVE is where you go to cooperate, and PVP is where you come to compete.

Another thing is getting players to multiclassing instead of only FOTMing.

There need to be some goals and rewards for large amounts of wins specifically tied to each profession, perhaps long term like 150 wins per progression during any ranked season (cumulative), and no retroactive rewarding or progress for anyone prior to implementation.

We even want old salty vets to return.

I think PVP needs victory driven goals and rewards, while still leaving everything else in place.

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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:eeeexcept you can grind out wins with match manipulation...

pretty sure the reward incentive failed.

Lmao with that argument you might as well shut down seasons entirely. You really think you’ll have people match manipulating for an extra couple gold and a pip?This OP has a nice idea to encourage the average player not to give up when their match looks unfavorable and unfortunately it’s being wasted on you brainless forum enthusiasts.

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