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Patch notes feedback: Please stop nerfing skills for the sake of standardization[PvP/WvW]


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Symbol of Blades: Removed the double strike that occurs when the symbol is first created. Increased damage of each strike by 20% to compensate. Overall damage is unchanged.

Please consider the following:

  • Most players in PvP/WvW will not stand in symbols for more than 1 or 2 ticks
  • By removing the inital strike from symbol of blades and distributing it's damage over the duration of the symbol, it is effectively a damage nerf in pvp, unless a player stands in the symbol for the duration of 4 seconds, which is extremely unlikely unless they are in downed state
  • If a player is only hit by the initial tick of the symbol and moves out of it, the change to symbol of blades is effectively a 40% damage reduction
  • If a player is only hit by two ticks of the symbol, the change to symbol of blades is effectively a 20% damage reduction

Please consider undoing this change OR compensating in PvP/WvW, as this skill was unintentionally nerfed purely for the sake of standardization(for those unaware, other symbol skills function like the new version of symbol of blades). It may seem irrelevant, however in PvP every small bit matters, and this isn't the first time guardian received an unintentional nerf in PvP/WvW due to standardization of skills. Previously, lesser smite condition was changed to cast after healing(like other skills) which means it no longer clears poison prior to healing and feels clunky. I understand the need for standardization - it streamlines things and reduces confusion regarding skills, however, please consider compensating lost performance. This was already done in PvE, since NPCs stand in symbols so the overall damage should not change, but it is simply not the case outside of that game mode.

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