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Spirit Shards from EXP / Mastery tracks (POF)

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My apologies, if my question has already been answered elsewhere, but i'm new in the forum and could only find old topics on this, regarding the HoT-expansion.

So ... to make it short: I want to earn spirit shards via lvl-ups from EXP in the PoF-areas of the game. My understanding is, that, as long i have open mastery tracks, EXP will go into these instead of lvl-up / spirit shards. Recently i have completed the base mastery tracks of PoF (being Raptor, Springer, Skimmer and Jackal) and i'm finding myself still not being able to generate Spirit shards. Now i wonder why. My assumption is, since there are two more mastery tracks in my journal (Roller beatle and Cristal champion), i have to complete those as well (even if they are locked, because i don't own the respective LW-episodes). Is that correct? Or do i even have to complete the two hidden mastery-tracks (Griffon and Skyscale) to finally be able to turn my EXP in spirit shards? Since all new SA maps are probably going to be PoF-mastery maps, i'd be happy to not see my EXP go to waste.

Thanks for reading. Be proud. Charr forever.

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You need to fill all visible masteries before it goes back to giving spirit shards.

@Jayden Reese.9542 said:As long as you used the MP to unlock all abilities on the base four you should be good. There was an issue at 1st with Skyscale where you couldn't gain exp/spirit shards even tho it was hidden so Idk if there is a similar issue with the ones you have locked.

They fixed that issue with the Skyscale but left the exact same issue on the beetle. -_-

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