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Please give update on why the Instruments remain unfixed since Nov. 26th last year


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Not even the slowest songs can play correctly without playing in the wrong Octave (with a script or no script), and it has been since Monday, November 26th, 2018, that the instruments broke. Meanwhile, thousands of players' Gems have been wasted on broken Instruments (until a fix is devised), and there has been no update on a fix for the Instruments for months.

The June 25th, 2019 Patch Notes https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/80491/game-update-notes-june-25-2019#latest fixed one long-known problem with the Instruments, and it reads: Increased the limit on the number of musical notes that can be played per second on all musical instruments before their skills are forced to cooldown. yet that Patch did not fix the other issue after the November 26th, 2018 Patch Notes were released.

The instruments need to be fixed, because I did not pay money for broken Instruments, and neither did other players.

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The person in our group who cared about this bug left to play Final Fantasy--though instruments wasn't why he left--his raid group all went. That said, it was a complaint of his. He was working at a grocery store, saved his monies for a harp(he was a high schooler in band at the time) and was SO happy to play it everywhere. Each guild mission, each chapter, etc.

I know when they broke it removed some of his enjoyment in the game. Like I said, that was not the reason he left, but it didn't help OUR case to keeping him here part-time, either.

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