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[Suggestion] One attribute per effect.


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Some balance issues and overpowered combinations could best be addressed by ensuring that each skill effect is governed by, at most, one attribute (may also help with gear variety). So, some specifics...


First, split direct damage into Basic Damage and Piercing Damage. Also, split conditions into Ravages (damaging conditions) and Debilitations (the rest).

Power would govern Basic Damage, which would correspond to most ordinary direct damage, especially cleaving/AoE attacks.

Precision would govern Piercing Damage, which would include most (extra) direct damage from critical hits as well as single-target spike damage, and which would ignore some or all Armor (but not Toughness)

"Ardor" (formerly condition damage) would govern Ravages. Mostly buffing damage, but maybe playing a role in duration if it makes more sense for the condition.


Ferocity would govern Hard CCs. Diminishing returns with the actual effects, but linear scaling on breakbar impact.

Expertise would govern Debilitations, but would not affect Ravages (damaging conditions).


Concentration would still govern boons. Regeneration would scale to level, but not healing power. Retaliation damage would either scale to level, or to damage dealt by the attack being punished.

On a slight tangent, Might should split into two boons (Might and Fervor), Might to boost Basic Damage, Fervor to boost Condition Damage, with Fury being reworked as a boost to Piercing Damage.

Healing power would govern most healing except regeneration or healing tied to a different attribute (e.g. healing based on damage dealt) and barrier.


No change to Vitality

No change to Toughness. That said, it would be nice to eventually have some new mechanics that let Toughness play a role in active or group defense abilities. Hopefully making it more effective than armor against Piercing Damage should increase its value as an attribute.


There is the question of critical hits, since precision would now (solely) govern the damage, but not the chance. As an initial step, they could simply pick a decent chance (say, 15%) and assign it generally to each skill. But in the long run, not only should critical chance be tweaked per skill (even to the extent that some skills always or never critical), but in some (many?) cases, RNG should be replaced with conditional checks like those used in GW1. E.g., a skill that always counts as a critical for mechanics if it interrupts an enemy, or strips a boon, or hits an enemy that is on fire, etc.

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