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(Edit) the 6th bonus on superior runes of the pack that doesn't work with Furious sharpening stones


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Furious sharpening stones are supposed to give 3% of your precision value as Power and Ferocity. however, as you gain more precision, it starts giving you less than 3% (roughly around 2,84% of the actual value).I tested with a few different precision values and the sharpening stones are CONSISTANTLY giving me 4 less power/ferocity than they should, but here's an example on the current build I'm testing, ineptitude being there instead of superiority complex simply to have the correct crit damage value:imageafter experimenting a bit more, someone told me to check if it could be the runes, which didn't occur to me could be the case. 125 precision * 3% is 3,75, which gets rounded up to 4, which is the missing value.

testing with eagle runes, the values are correct.

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