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Legendary Runes / Sigils still bugging out.


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Copied from this reddit post. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/d9yh12/legendary_runesigil_still_bugging_out/

Legendary Runes and Sigils will not always accept internally a change, providing no error or feedback, so you can for example change a rune to a passive effect and never find out it isn't working.

The problem isn't new as I have seen other previous reports on this same reddit as well on the forum, but I still believe it merits a repost because the problem persists and i would hope that arenanet would have the professionalism of making sure that what they ship out of the door they fix it.

I understand this is not the only bug in the game but I find very telling of a companies work ethic when they hype a new feature, put it behind quite a big investment of time and resources and this bug makes it literally unusable since like I said before if a bonus is like 25% movement speed you can tell when it isn't working, not as easy if its 10% more damage.

I am not asking for a new raid, a roadmap or even something more unimaginable like communication, all I am asking is if something doesn't work please start by telling people and then fix it.

Arenanet doesn't owe me anything, I don't feel entitled to anything at all, but I still retain my own personal right to an opinion and like I said this lack not of content but of an ability to follow through is very telling, at least to me.

If anything of this sticks to you reading it let it be that you should not pursue this items as it is very possible that the bug will continue for quite some time (still hoping one day arenanet fixes the predator legendary sounds to not overlap core sounds on thief when activating the option for no legendary weapon sounds).

Thank You for your time and patience.

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