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Mysterious Mithril Node in Thunderhead Keep

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Today morning (here) I was approached by someone in Thunderhead Keep who asked for someone experienced in the map. Although I'm not someone who's been playing the game for years and years, I run Thunderhead Keep daily, getting almost everything on my path.

It happened this person seems to be a bit more thorough than I am and showed me a regular Mithril Node underwater, down below one of the ice holes south of Revolution's Heart Waypoint — https://i.postimg.cc/X7G8jxhW/gw079.jpg

In this screenshot, I'm hovering the node icon on the mini-map showing the closest I could get to it. Swimming a little bit up already shows the green arrow indicating I should go down but as much as I could search, it's all solid ice without a secret entrance like many Quaggan Caves with frustrating to find POIs.

I swam down all other holes around this one, expecting to see a longer cave entrance that could lead to this node without success. The only thing I've found was a small Seaweed Farm.

So, in short, how to mine this node?

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@Tzarakiel.7490 said:These inacessible nodes are traps for hackers. Since only cheaters can get them they give themselves away when they teleport to harvest the nodes.

So you mean that also the harvest nodes and rich ore node in Istan which are in the secret area below the map that you can access through map breaking by glitching out of the bone walls counts to said traps too?Uh oh... Then I think I'm screwed.

But for real. I didn't know such detail and I find it an interesting aspect of developing.

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