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A single change that would make Death Magic rework actually really decent.


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I think a lot of people are disappointed by the rework to death magic. Lots of things didn't get changed which they should have while the design itself, although cool and all isn't very inviting...compare this to the warrior tactics rework and you can see why necro's are still upset here.

So there is one change that would actually make this traitline super sought after, and fix some of the issues that some of the PVE players are talking about when they refer to aggro in raid encounters.

Make the Death's Carapace buff into an aoe that effects allies. So everytime you gain a stack, 5 (or 10 maybe) allies gain the carapace stack as well, in a 360-600 radius. It's just 20 toughness, but if utilizes right, you can buff your allies with 600 toughness and actually not be an aggro hog in raids. meanwhile you also support your group with strong defenses. I think that's a pretty fair and viable change that scales between solo and large group content.

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Using the grandmaster trait that gives carapace for each condition, its super easy to hit 30 of them only seconds into a fight. And it's so crazy strong that I literally stood in front of a veteran hydra and just auto attacked it to death. It was smacking me around but couldn't actually hurt me.

So for survivability, I like the new change. Wicked noob friendly now. Just pull out a few minions, take death magic, and your an unstoppable tank with an army.

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