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scourge is highest dps for small hitbox


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@Drarnor Kunoram.5180 said:

@Exciton.8942 said:I still remember necro players told me scourge will be trash in PvE.

We miscalculated, admittedly, but against mobile targets, we really still are pretty bad. Shades have a tiny area that the target needs to stay in to get those numbers.

Yeah. This is more like a bug that needs to be fixed. Currently you get damage double up from yourself and the shade.

If they fix this, scourge will lose maybe 2k dps but you will not need to shade on top of boss all the time to get full benefit.

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@Kuya.6495 said:So with that in mind, when you nerf scourge damage in pvp you NEED to split the changes between pvp and pve. Otherwise the necro mains will never shut up. Please, Split. The. Changes.

scourge won't be nerfed but buffed (at least his barrier)

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