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Some Elite Spec Ideas


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First, I apologize if these discussions are getting old for some people, but I thought I'd go ahead and pitch some ideas for new elite specifications.These specs are ‘broad strokes’ thematic ideas, but I’m interested in everyone’s take on how these proposals could change up the roles for the professions in the current meta.

Elementalist - The Brandedhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/6d/6f/b6/6d6fb6bdf7f093ce1c6de7537d3aafcc.jpg

Imbued with Aurene’s power, these elementalists can call upon the power of draconic magic to defeat their foes.• Spear weapon• Weapon 1-3 skills are new on all weapons• Right arm has a glowing Branded tattoo• Have mobility, attack and block skills with many weapon skills having an ‘elemental dragon’ visual effect

Engineer - The Pilothttps://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/intermediary/f/61e49a9e-e80c-42bd-bb23-af326784623a/d3a9hwr-cb233cf3-31b4-43d5-b7f7-a157de805774.jpg/v1/fill/w_1024,h_681,q_70,strp/mech_pilot_redux__pt2_by_billydallaspatton_d3a9hwr-fullview.jpg

Combining Asura and Charr technology, the Pilot enters battle in an unstoppable armored shell.• Mace weapon• Your elite skill is forced to be a mount/dismount mech, but it has a very small cooldown• While in your mech, your dodge roll is replaced by a distortion field, similar to a Mirage• Utility skills are called Tunings and are generally buffs while in mech form and CCs or conditions on the enemy when not in mech form

Guardian - The Demonslayerhttps://pinimg.icu/wall/1280x0/hellfire-image--Da78a07e6f6f84fb6e70a306518f0f0d8.jpg

Sealed within the Demonslayer is a powerful and ancient demon. This guardian uses both the power of holy and demonic magics to defeat their foes• Offhand sword• Character has a demon bound to themselves, similar to the Revenant• On the holy side, there are Magical seals / bindings (hard CC)• On the demon side, there is Torment and Blind applications• Four new virtues, two holy, two demonic• Elite skill transforms you into a demon-possessed state, with new attack skills.

Mesmer - The Neuromancerhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/d9/3d/88/d93d8841a18f587d682ba3df323353ca.jpg

The Neuromancer uses the power of illusions to bring their enemies greatest fears to life. Be careful attacking the Neuromancer, because you might end up with a nasty surprise.• Mainhand Mace, which is a mid-ranged power weapon. Weapon skills include self AoE phantom attacks• Clones have reduced health, but transform into nightmare horrors upon death, with on-death special attacks• All shatter skills replaced with new horror and charm-based shatters• Plenty of fear effects

Necromancer - The Wraithhttp://lolwp.com/wp-content/uploads/Thresh-Classic.jpg

The Wraith weaves in and out of the physical realm to hunt for fresh souls to feast upon. Be careful not to get hooked in the Wraith’s unending embrace.• Offhand shield• Spectral shroud has a chained sickle weapon, with pull CC and teleport moves• Shroud has less toughness than other shrouds but increased endurance recovery, elite spec focuses on active defenses like dodges, blocks and distortion

Ranger - The Buccaneerhttps://siqik.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/pirates-3.jpg

By planting their flag on the battlefield, the Buccaneer can bind the very spirits of the sea to their will.• Offhand pistol• New profession skill places banners, more banners empower the Buccaneer, but disappear when out of range• The new utility skills must have a banner present to use, otherwise the skill is replaced with a ‘Place Banner’ skill• New utility skills are pirate and sea beast themed• Elite summons a Kraken to attack your foes, but requires three banners on the field

Revenant - Some GW1 reference

Sorry guys, haven’t played GW1. But, there’s probably a great character to channel there

Thief - The Shadowenhttps://screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Shikamaru-Hiden.jpg

A silent guardian, the Shadowen attacks from the shadows to keep their charge safe. The longer a Shadowen tethers to a specific ally, the stronger both of them become.• Offhand Focus weapon• Uses shadow magic to ‘tether’ yourself to an ally. You and your ally get stronger boons and effects the longer you remain tethered to the same ally• Profession skill 1 shadowsteps you to an enemy or ally, applying boons on the ally or conditions on the enemy• Profession skill 2 allows you to tether your shadow to a different ally

Warrior - The Dragoonhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/87/30/4e/87304ec323b7a43271028feaee380288.jpg

The Dragoon charges into battle with their team of battle-hardened recruits. When their adrenaline is high enough, the Dragoon can empower their team’s weapons with Magical effects.• Spear weapon• Four profession skills, focused on summoning warrior ally ‘recruits’ and doing joint maneuvers with them• Can have a max of two recruits active• Utility skills are ‘Formations’ which are group buffs that are stronger when an NPC or teammate is next to you• Elite skill is Enchant Weapon, which replaces you and your recruits’ weapon auto attack skills temporarily, while also giving you and your recruits quickness and super speed. New auto attacks are all magical weapon themed.

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