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Why no queue for public strikes?

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@sokeenoppa.5384 said:It really easy to find groups from LFG, so easy that public one is basically useless. However we have onr so it might aswell have a queue system.

Basically this. The public option just doesn't mean anything because aeveryone is using the LFG tool. It was my go to after a failed public option, it's not like i don't know the tool is there and didn't use it, it's that the public option is basically useless and a waste of time.

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@Dante.1763 said:

@Cyninja.2954 said:Aren't strikes supposed to prepare players for raids?

Proper use of the LFG system seems like a good start in that case.

If they are meant for that, they fail so far, given people are soloing them. We three manned it last night. its hella easy to just ignore the mechanics.

Not only that but the public option existing pretty much negates the idea that they're about using the lfg system. Like if we're supposed to learn to lfg it, we should only be allowed to join them as squads

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