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Disclaimer: this thread is purely for fun.

Did you ever make up a skill in your head that you thought would be really fun ingame? Share it, for the entertainment of fellow players and for giving ideas to developers.

Make sure to adress:-What the skill does;-What type of skill it is;-Which profession you'd give it to.

Don't bother with balance, although godly, or over-the-top broken skills are not fun. Don't bother whether the skill can actually be implemented, either.

Here's a starter.This is an elite skill for engineer:Backpack: Upon using this skill, you are given the option to pick one of the engineer utility skills through kit-like menus on your weapon bar. The one you pick replaces backpack for one use; after it is used, the elite skill goes on the cd of the picked skill +20 second cooldown, and becomes backpack again upon recharging. If the picked skill was a kit, the current longest cooldown on it is used for the calculation.

Essentially it's a non-ooc utility swap with a cd drawback.

Share away!~

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Elementalist - A Tempest elite signet with a passive that gives you stacking bonuses in combat for as long as you stay in the same attunement. (Ends on attunement swap) Active will give a temporary ability to... weapon swap.Necromancer - A skill that summons Jagged Horrors per nearby enemy, max 10, without any catch/ timer. Elite skill.Mesmer - Doppelganger elite that will become a phantasmal copy of your target with all skills but 50% effectiveness.

Thief - Off-hand sword with power and burning damage, and some neat acrobatic 3 skill. Some kind of fiery blade dancer. Elite spec of course.Ranger - Broad Head Arrow, and the old Daze. Actually, I don't know. Ranger bores me.Engineer - Shrink Gun elite kit. Stepping on enemies instantly defeats them, i.e. Duke Nukem. Also shrinks incoming projectiles (blocks) and wounds (grant 90% condition duration reduction, incoming).

Warrior - Disarm. Physical elite. A simple interrupt that, if it hits, disables all weapon skills for x seconds but not utilities or F1-F5 skills.Core-only F2 Wounding Strike. Grants "deep wound" which intensifies condi damage by you alone on struck target by 33%.Guardian - ... Don't they already have everything?Revenant - A fourth skill in every legend. Also, access to racial skills, just because.

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Engineer's elite skill:

  • Type: Gadget.
  • Exo-suit.
  • 90s CD
  • Channel time: 2s
  • Duration: 10 seconds.
  • Cannot be pushed back or knocked down.
  • Immune to movement impairing conditions.
  • 200 power.
  • 200 ferocity.
  • Superspeed.
  • Protect yourself from downed state.
  • If your health drops to zero:
  • Incoming healing reduced by 100%.
  • You're instantly defeated after the skill ends.
  • Outgoing damage reduced by 50%
  • Cannot critical hit.

Necromancer's elite skill:

  • Type: Well.
  • Well of Death.
  • 60s CD
  • Channel time: 1s
  • Duration: 5 seconds.
  • Pulses: 5.
  • 1st pulse: immobilize (2s).
  • 2nd pulse: inflict blind, slow and chill.
  • 3rd pulse: corrupt 3 boons into negative conditions.
  • 4th pulse: (unblockable) siphon life for every condition on a foe.
  • 5th pulse: inflict 3s fear and deal heavy damage. Finishes downed target.

Rifle rework for engineer:

  1. Fire a shrapnel-type shot that deal more damage to closer enemies.
    • Maximum range: 900
    • Number of targets: 3
    • Activation time: 1s
  2. Ricochet:
    • 900 range.
    • Number of bounces: 5.
    • 6s CD.
  3. Precise shot:
    • 1200 range.
    • Pierces.
    • 10s CD
  4. Hit your foe with a rifle.
    • Stun: 1s
    • Numer of targets: 1
    • 15s CD
  5. Fire a grenade:
    • 900 range
    • number of targets: 5
    • Radius: 240
    • 20s CD
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@Stand The Wall.6987 said:warrioruppercut - physicalpunch your foe and send them flying - 0 launch2 charges 20s cd 1.0 coefficientremoves stability

That would be an amazing staff warrior utility with a dash to target animation, if stability is removed an extra aoe KD is casted arround the warrior.Instead of physical could be meditation base...

Just imagine...._. Heavy armored battle mage.

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@Aeolus.3615 said:

@Stand The Wall.6987 said:warrioruppercut - physicalpunch your foe and send them flying - 0 launch2 charges 20s cd 1.0 coefficientremoves stability

That would be an amazing staff warrior utility with a dash to target animation, if stability is removed an extra aoe KD is casted arround the warrior.Instead of physical could be meditation base...

Just imagine...._. Heavy armored battle mage.

think street fighter haduoken

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Corruption bloodCodition type

Effect:-It like a bleeding with50%dmg of normal bleed effect.-Can't clean or cure it out but can reduce duration.-If this condition is under effect of Resistance/Protection/Stability DMG/Duration will do effect300%.


Failed SafeCondition type

Effect-NO DMG itself.-Your incoming healing do nagative effect.-All healing/ regen/ or whatever thing gain HP do damage to you.-Poison HEAL you.


Opposite functionCondition type

Effect-No damage itself.-Victim/Target take damage when gain a boon.-And take MOAR DMG when boon stack.-All condition Dmg on Victim/Target do less dmg when undereffect of this condition.


Expired DateCondition type

Effect-No dmg itself.-Any boon or condition expired do Dmg to you/target.-Cure or Remove this condition is a REALLLY HURT!!-Can spread to any player in range450 and reset Duration again.


Any thing can go any class.And easy to understand.

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Just more elite skills in general that instantly finish downed foes.A skill that can res a fully defeated player, Maybe even as a ghost/spirit for a short timeKit transforms similar to Holo across a few different professions which for short times give them access to totally new weapons on land spears, hand to hand, etc.

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ElementalistNew Elite spec with longbow

Water skill - blast the area with an arrow that sends a healing flood to your allies within a 360 radius. The blast is also a leap to any new terrain within 600 range.

Earth skill - Quicksand! Charge up an arrow and release forward at 1200 range, which damages and slows foes caught in its trajectory. Quicksand is created along the path for the next 3 sec.

Utility skill - worm hole. Create an earthen portal around you that teleports allies to safety. Range: 1200

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@"cyberzombie.7348" said:Slap: A universal skill that dazes for 1 sec.

Or maybe a whole set of bare handed skills like Punch, Slap, Kick in the Shin, Leap and Punch, and on no. 5 would be Roundhouse Kick because you just need that :)

It might be a basic "two-handed weapon" available to every class. It really sucks when a dragon-slaying kicker of godly kittens can't do a thing without a weapon.

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Necromancer, skill category: Parasites (work more or less like mantra)

  • Blood worms: Summon blood worms into your body, inflicting selfbleed (8s) every 5 seconds. Gain 2 blood flies swarm charges.
  • -> Blood flies swarm: Breath out a swarm of flies that will inflict bleed (4s) every seconds onto it's target. Last 10 seconds.
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[ Well of Souls ]"Well. Conjure a powerful Well that kills foes outright when it ends. Life Force will be returned equivalent to health lost by any killed by the Well."

  • Number of Targets: 5
  • Duration: 8 seconds
  • Radius: 240
  • Range: 900
  • Cast time: 1 second
  • Recharge 100 seconds

( Secondary description: Well pulses for 8 seconds dealing no damage and applying no conditions. When the duration ends, anything remaining inside the Well will be killed outright, no downed state. If a foe loses 100% of it's health, let's say that health is 17k, 17k Life Force will be returned. )

[ Spectral Renewal ]"Spectral. Refresh your Shroud and automatically enter it. For the duration of the effect, damage received while in Shroud will convert to health. If Shroud depletes completely while the effect is active, damage will convert to Life Force."

  • Shroud cooldown reduced: 100%
  • Damage converted to health or Life Force: 100%
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cast time: 1 1/4 second
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

( Secondary description: As soon as the skill has been fully cast, Shroud will automatically be entered regardless of other attempted skill usage. Like the Herald's "Infuse Light", all incoming damage while in Shroud and while the effect is active will convert to health. If knocked out of Shroud, or if there was no Shroud to enter when the skill was cast, all incoming damage will instead convert to Life Force. Shroud cooldown will still be 100% reduced if there was no Shroud to enter. )


[ Power Fist ]"Gadget. Equip a mechanical fist and gain new skills. This ability will gain a cooldown when swapping to a weapon or Kit."

  • Cooldown upon stowing: 80 seconds

Skill #1: [Punch]"Punch your foe"

  • Range: 180
  • Cast time: 1/4 second

Skill #2: [Push]"Push your foe knocking them back."

  • Range: 180
  • Cast time: 1/4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Knockback: 240

Skill #3: [Lunge]"Leap toward your foe delivering a downward punch."

  • Range: 450
  • Cast time: 3/4
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds

Skill #4: [Jab]"Deliver a rapid strike that deals heavy damage. If this attack is blocked the damage is doubled."

  • Range: 180
  • Cast time: 1/4
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Unblockable
  • Damage increased if blocked: 50%

Skill #5: [Tackle]"Tackle your foe knocking them down. If your target is already disabled, increase the duration of that effect by 1 second."

  • Range: 240
  • Cast time: 1/2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Knockdown: 2 seconds
  • Duration increased if target is already disabled: 1 seconds.

Tool belt skill: [ Bloody Knuckle ]"Empower your next attack with the assistance of your Power Fist, increasing the damage of that attack by 25%."

  • Cast time: 1 seconds
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Number of attacks improved: 1
  • Damage increase: 25%

( Secondary description: Think of this as a kit. It does not have a duration and can be used as long as the player likes, but it will gain a cooldown if the player exits the "kit." The Gadgeteer trait will reduce it's cooldown and apply Vulnerability to each of it's skills. )

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