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Wouldnt the Legendary Rune/Sigil be more Legendary if you only needed one and could copy paste it?


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Complete the rune and you can copy/paste it on every every armor slot you desire?(Salvaging that armor would not get you another legendary rune/sigil because its a copy of the original one, destroying/salvaging the copied rune would just make it go poof)

Though tying the legendary rune to the Mesmer Profession would be fittingA Legendary rune/sigil that can create Illusions so powerful that are as strong as the original

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That is my initial reaction but eh i'm thinking more like it automatically copy/paste on armor you're currently wearing, and remove the needless salvaging just take out 1 rune or an armor piece and other runes will disappear!And if people are that desperate for visual effects, just have a swirling flash around your character when it copy/past itself on other armor slot.I wonder if it's coding problem or did Anet seriously not thought of that?

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